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Pregnancy After Infertility

Today Show baby shower celebrates a BFP – Big Fat Positive

38565926_sViewers of the Today Show recently watched as Style Editor Bobbie Thomas moved from infertility to pregnancy after four rounds of in vitro fertilization, IVF. Last week, Kathie Lee Gifford hosted a blue-themed baby shower for the expectant mom. The cycle that led to her success was a frozen embryo transfer last November.

Texas Fertility Center and leading fertility clinics nationwide now routinely offer patients this IVF option. We share the benefits of a frozen embryo cycle, even suggesting that many women now elect to wait a month or more after their ovulation induction and egg retrieval. This “cooling off” period allows the uterus to normalize after a round of gonadotropins that artificially stimulate the ovaries.

Navigating the roller coaster ride to pregnancy after infertility

As you work toward pregnancy after infertility, our patient advocates and fertility specialists will offer suggestions to help you stay positive. Bobbie described her emotional roller coaster, saying that she felt “scared, sad, optimistic, overwhelmed, eager and nervous.” Infertility can feel isolating, so it helps to know that others have experienced the same bouts with fear and anxiety.

Here’s how our Austin fertility center helps support you through these ups and downs.

Scared and nervous. It’s normal to feel scared about the unknown. Information is empowering, so ask your fertility specialist to explain each twist and turn you can expect in the months ahead. We have loads of information on our website under Patient Resources, and team members who are expert hand-holders. Even a fear of needles can be overcome with the right support!

Sad. With each passing month, sadness sets in. Your dreams keep getting delayed, and you long for a positive pregnancy test, telling your partner, friends and family, showing off a baby bump, picking out a crib and having YOUR name on the baby shower invitation. Acknowledge that loss. Grieve for it. Then refocus on the next cycle and the possibility for positive results.

Overwhelmed. Ask for help during infertility treatment. Having a friend to lean on (someone other than the partner undergoing treatment with you), a professional counselor or support group is essential for peace of mind. Bobbie worked with a fertility acupuncture specialist for stress release and our Austin fertility center supports that decision. We work with the leading acupuncture practices in the area and will happily recommend one for you.

Like Bobbie, you have good reason to feel optimistic if you have partnered with a fertility specialist. We can reassure you with leading-edge science and proven fertility treatments. Your successful pregnancy is our priority and we will work diligently so that you, too, can experience pregnancy after infertility.

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