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TFC Baby Reunion Recap

A look at the 32nd Annual TFC Baby Reunion

The team at our Austin fertility center loves catching up with our patients and their little ones. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing our patients become proud parents – and meeting their bundles of joy. That’s why we have a baby reunion every spring.

The 32nd Annual TFC Baby Reunion was on Saturday, May 6th at the Pecan Springs Ranch. During this special day, our physicians, nurses and other team members reunited with TFC families to celebrate their successes while their children enjoyed a day of fun.

Two of these families have shared their fertility stories and explain what the TFC Baby Reunion means to them.

Monti discusses her “Hansard miracles”

Kate finds hope and joy at TFC

Monti and her husband came to our Austin fertility center because she carries a rare genetic condition called X-linked hyper IgM syndrome. After losing her brother to the illness, she decided she wanted to protect her future children from it.

“We did one round of IVF with PGD to get our son Julian. He was our first Hansard miracle,” Monti explains. After a few years, the couple decided to try again. “We did two embryo transfers. The first one ended in a miscarriage, but then we conceived our daughter Ellora, our second Hansard miracle.”

The couple loves coming to the TFC Baby Reunion. “We’re really grateful and happy to have two healthy kids thanks to TFC. Being able to see everyone at the reunions means so much. It’s also fun to check in and let everyone see how the kids are growing,” Monti says.

She also offered praise for Lisa Hansard MD and the TFC nurses, especially Ashley. “Dr. Hansard is so funny and she’s a wonderful doctor. She is the perfect fit for me. As for Ashley, she was my rock. I don’t know if she knows it, but she means the world to me. I consider her my friend. She even came to visit me in the hospital after I delivered,” Monti says tearfully.

Kate finds hope and joy at TFC

Monti discusses her “Hansard miracles”After visiting a gynecologist and urologist for initial testing, Kate and her husband still didn’t have the answers they needed. This changed after a friend recommended that the couple visit a reproductive endocrinologist “rather than continue trying with other doctors who didn’t have a laser focus on helping people conceive.”

They made an appointment with Kaylen Silverberg MD at our Austin fertility center. The couple went through four years of fertility treatments. It wasn’t always an easy journey, but it gave them their daughter Juniper Rose. “We wouldn’t have our beautiful daughter if it weren’t for Dr. Silverberg saying, ‘We have to try one more time.’ We were ready to give up, but he wasn’t.”

The Baby Reunion is a moving experience for the couple. Not only is it amazing to see how many families have welcomed miracle babies with help from our Austin fertility center, it’s also an opportunity to say thank you. According to Kate, “To see Dr. Silverberg and our nurse Jaime Burkott hug our little girl stirred up more emotions than I expected. I cried tears of joy seeing them meet her, knowing that if it weren’t for them and their help, she wouldn’t be here today.”

When asked about our Austin fertility center, Kate said, “TFC gave us hope when we didn’t have any. The group of people we worked with throughout our time at TFC cried with us when things were hard, and they cried with us when we got the good news that we had successfully conceived. We felt loved and supported throughout the long journey.”

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