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Tips to Optimize Natural Fertility

Health and lifestyle changes can optimize natural fertility

Health and lifestyle changes can optimize natural fertility - A list of tips to optimize natural fertility for hopeful parentsIf you’re having trouble conceiving, you may think that fertility treatments are your only option. However, before you enter the world of IUI and IVF, you should consider making lifestyle changes that can optimize natural fertility. The Austin fertility specialists at Texas Fertility Center (TFC) have created a list of our top tips to improve fertility.

A list of tips to optimize natural fertility for hopeful parents

Our Austin fertility specialists know that sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest difference as you strive to improve fertility. Start by talking to your healthcare providers when you’re thinking about conceiving. Your doctors can make sure that you don’t have any health conditions that could interfere with pregnancy. They can also ensure that your current medications are safe to take before and during pregnancy.

Once you’ve taken this first step, the TFC team recommends the following tips to improve fertility.

  • Eat right and exercise. Eating a balanced, nutritious diet and getting enough physical activity are important for your fertility. If you are overweight, you are more likely to experience infertility and health issues. However, losing just 5-10% of your body weight can result in improved fertility.
  • Incorporate a prenatal vitamin. Prenatal vitamins, which include increased folic acid and iron, are critical for your baby’s health and development. As a result, you should start taking them as soon as you want to try to conceive.
  • Avoid cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. Not only can these substances harm your baby during pregnancy, they can also have a negative effect on fertility. For example, marijuana and alcohol use decreases sperm production and disrupts Smoking can also increase the risk of infertility and miscarriage.

While you’re thinking about your physical health, don’t forget about your mental well-being. Unchecked stress can have a negative effect on fertility, so strive to destress with activities like yoga, journaling and meditation to optimize natural fertility.

When to partner with TFC to improve fertility

In some cases, making lifestyle changes isn’t enough to optimize natural fertility. This is when our Austin fertility specialists can help. If you’ve been unable to conceive after one year of trying (or six months of trying if 35 or over), it’s time to make an appointment. Our experienced doctors can help make your dream of parenthood come true. Contact us to learn more.

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