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Waiting to Find Out About Pregnancy

It can be hard to wait to find out about pregnancy

No matter how many months you’ve tried to get pregnant, the last two weeks of the cycle bring the same mixed emotions. Hope surges, crests and plummets with each passing day after ovulation. The emotions as you wait to find out about pregnancy repeat month after month.

Whether you try to get pregnant on your own or with the help of a fertility doctor, surviving the two-week wait until confirming a pregnancy takes resolve, humor and military-caliber discipline to master the art of relaxation.

Hearing someone tell you to “not stress” is counterproductive. If you had an on-off switch, you would flick it, right? Inducing the relaxation response takes some trial and error, so begin now discovering what works best for you. Try building some feel-good activities into the last two weeks of your natural or assisted reproductive technology (ART) menstrual cycle.

What relaxes you?

Maybe it’s an evening walk with a friend, a massage, a warm bath or a chick flick. Researchers link yoga, meditation and acupuncture with stress relief. As a result, you might incorporate these into your monthly regimen. Or, try tackling a new novel at the start of every cycle. Set a date to get together with friends for a book discussion after your pregnancy test to give yourself something to look forward to after the results.

Makes scents as you wait to find out about pregnancy

You may associate aromatherapy with a store in the mall, but it can help you too. Your olfactory processing center sits directly next to the area of the brain associated with memory and emotion. That’s why when you smell vanilla, it takes you back to baking with your mother. Test what scents elicit positive responses by smelling candles, essential oils or lotions.

Taking the next steps while waiting to find out about pregnancy

Now that you’ve scheduled stress-relievers into your waiting period, it’s time for the pregnancy test. Make a plan for how you’d like to receive the news from your fertility nurse. Some patients choose to have the message delivered to a home answering machine and prefer not to have the conversation at work. Decide what works for you. Contact us to learn more about how to cope with waiting to find out about pregnancy.

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