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Why Women Become Egg Donors

You’re not alone if you’re wondering why women become egg donors

You’re not alone if you’re wondering why women become egg donorsYou already know why you want to pursue egg donation at Texas Fertility Center. Maybe you and your partner are struggling to conceive due to female infertility. Or perhaps you’re a single man or part of a same-sex male couple who is ready to have a baby. Regardless of your reason for using donor eggs, your motivation is clearly to have a baby. But what about the women who donate their eggs? Why do they do it? The team at our Austin fertility clinic is here to shed some light on why women become egg donors.

Debunking a common myth about egg donor motivation

Many people believe that women donate their eggs simply for the money. While compensation might be one reason why women become egg donors, it is far from the only one.

Being an egg donor requires considerable commitment, energy and time. Each egg donor must submit a comprehensive application and complete rigorous screening before she’s even eligible to donate her eggs. From there, she must inject herself with fertility medications and undergo an outpatient egg retrieval procedure. It’s a lot of work, so something more than money must be behind egg donor motivation.

The truth about why women become egg donors

It turns out that there are several reasons why women become egg donors. Here is a list of common sources of egg donor motivation.

Having a desire to help others. Most egg donors decide to donate their eggs because they feel a sense of empathy and compassion for hopeful parents. They typically know that donor eggs are the only way that gay couples, single men and some couples facing infertility can conceive. As a result, they very much want to help give these people the gift of parenthood.

Knowing someone who faced infertility. This egg donor motivation is related to having a desire to help others. Some women decide to pursue egg donation because a family member or close friend faced fertility struggles of their own. Watching a loved one go through infertility can motivate a woman to help someone else in a similar situation.

Gaining important health and fertility information. As part of the egg donation process, women undergo fertility, medical and genetic screenings. This information helps determine whether a woman will be a good egg donor candidate. Additionally, our Austin fertility clinic team finds that this information educates an egg donor about her body and health. It can also help her make decisions about building her own family in the future.

Clearly, so much more than money is behind egg donor motivation. These generous women often perform this altruistic act out of a desire to help others. Contact us if you would like to learn more about egg donation or to make an appointment at our Austin fertility clinic.

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