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Conceiving after Cancer

Providing help and hope when conceiving after cancer

If you have received the diagnosis “It’s cancer,” in a single moment, life might feel as though it has come to a screeching halt. But that doesn’t have to be the case. As you begin to navigate a new reality, our Austin fertility doctors at Texas Fertility Center (TFC) are on your side to help expertly guide you and alleviate your fertility concerns.

We can help provide fertility preservation options, which is a reminder that life doesn’t have to stop. With advances in cancer treatment, survivorship chances are better than ever. Our supportive care team is here to assure you that you have options, and life can begin anew through conceiving after cancer.

Until recently, successful survivorship of cancer exclusively meant treating the disease. But with advances in lifesaving treatments, patients look beyond treatment and consider a path to parenthood with fertility preservation. Our fertility center in Austin is ready to support you in conceiving after cancer.

Preserving fertility and peace of mind

It’s important that you act early both to ease your stress and preserve your fertility. We can quickly connect you with one of our Austin fertility doctors specializing in the field of oncofertility, which bridges oncology and reproductive endocrinology. This specialist will be part of your care team in close coordination with your oncologist.

While you can’t control cancer, often the options you can consider leading to parenthood are very much in your control. Starting a conversation with us about fertility preservation quickly after diagnosis will ensure we have the best chance to preserve your fertility and your peace of mind.

These are some of the options for both men and women who are thinking about cancer and proactively planning to preserve their fertility.

  • Sperm freezing
  • Egg freezing
  • Embryo freezing

Freezing eggs, sperm and embryos are time-tested methods for those conceiving after cancer. Cryopreservation ensures that your genetic material is preserved, safe and available when you decide it’s time to get pregnant. When that time comes, we will design a unique treatment plan to help you conceive after cancer.

Discussing Medical Fertility Preservation for Oncofertility With Dr. Amy Schutt

Successful survivors and potential for parenthood

At TFC, we understand facing cancer treatment options can spin your world upside down. While some side effects of lifesaving cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation or surgery are well publicized, only recently has greater attention been brought to how these treatments can possibly adversely impact fertility.

Rest assured, we understand that fertility preservation is an important topic of conversation with your medical team, and we are well-versed to communicate this. Our Austin fertility doctors work to understand each individual patient knowing many factors such as age, personal wishes and prognosis play a role in future family-building plans in conceiving after cancer.

The good news is many people are fighting and winning the war against cancer, and we will provide you with hope and support in the days ahead.

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