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Conceiving in Your 40s

Conceiving in your 40s

If you’re considering motherhood in your 40s, you might land here knowing you don’t look or feel your age. You’ve stayed active, eaten right, and followed an anti-aging regimen, and perhaps to the outside world, Father Time is lagging in your rearview mirror.

But for many women considering conceiving in your 40s, the challenge is that Mother Nature has her own primary rule: Your age is your age. Looking younger by taking care of yourself can be vital for overall health, but what is unseen is the biological fact that as you age, your eggs diminish in quality and quantity.

Our Austin fertility doctors are well-versed in carefully and honestly assessing your best options knowing your individual timetable takes priority and often needs to be expedited to give you the best opportunity to start or grow your family.

At Texas Fertility Center (TFC) we take pride in being both compassionate and pragmatic. Driven by data, we know that time is your most precious resource if you are considering conceiving in your 40s. Our experienced reproductive endocrinologists will empower you to make well-considered decisions that have the highest chance of success in realizing your family-building dreams.

Dr. Hansard Talks About Options to Help Older Women Conceive

The numbers don’t lie

Looking and feeling spry doesn’t change that a pathway to pregnancy in your 40s is not as direct as someone who is 20 or in their 30s. This is because you are born with all the eggs you will ever have, and as you age, your ovarian reserve (number and quality of available eggs) declines.

Here are age-related considerations when assessing your ovarian reserve:

  • A woman’s reproductive peak is generally between her late teens and late 20s.
  • By 30, it begins to decline with a more significant drop in her mid-30s.
  • By 45, fertility has declined to the point that achieving natural pregnancy is unlikely.

Understanding this information is not meant to discourage anyone from considering conceiving in your 40s. Instead, it highlights how necessary it is to expeditiously find the most effective fertility options. At Texas Fertility Center, we thoroughly understand the time-sensitive nature of each patient’s individual situation.

Understanding unique needs of achieving pregnancy in your 40s

When contemplating pregnancy in your 40s, it is important patients find experienced, well-informed care that can provide successful treatments to quiet a ticking biological clock. Often patients need someone who can understand not just their physical needs, but also be able to address the specialized questions and concerns women have when considering the challenges of conceiving in their 40s.

Texas Fertility Center considers each individual patient and works in partnership to inform and educate them so they can make confident decisions about building their own family. It is important to contact us as soon as possible as time is one of your most important resources when considering conceiving in your 40s.