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Let’s face it – women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) have a lot of uphill battles. First of all, there are the nonexistent periods. Then there’s the issue of acne. Also, the extra hair growth, or loss, may make you crazy. To top it off, all the hormonal imbalances can lead to difficulty maintaining a healthy weight. This is why PCOS support is so important.

Finding PCOS support and treatment

Fortunately, we are steadily learning more about this disorder which affects 5-10% of all women in the United States. PCOS patients can take solace in the fact that there are an increasing number of resources to help them navigate the challenges. There is a website called which provides a wealth of information for PCOS patients.

There are also message boards/forums where women with PCOS can share information and gain power over this treatable condition. Another website with a lot of resources is, which is the website for the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Association. A new organization can be found at What’s great about these resources is the ability to find PCOS support.

More about PCOS

Last week we posted about celebrities who have been public with their infertility challenges. There are also celebrities who have been vocal about their battle with PCOS: Jillian Michaels (of the Biggest Loser), Emma Thompson, and Victoria Beckman (a.k.a ‘Posh Spice). Not everyone with PCOS fits the classic description; PCOS patients can be thin or overweight and may or may not have the typical symptoms of acne or hirsutism.

If you think you may have PCOS (i.e. you have irregular or absent periods – and perhaps excess hair growth or acne), it’s important to find a doctor that can work with you to manage your symptoms and optimize your health. It isn’t all about just bringing on regular periods. Patients with PCOS are at greater risk for other health issues (i.e. diabetes), and it’s important not to overlook this on the quest for cycle regularity or fertility. Knowledge is power, and finding PCOS support can help you to take control over your condition. Contact us to learn more.

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