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Working as a Couple

Working As A Couple

No one understands the roller coaster you’ve been on better than the team at in our Austin Fertility Clinic,  Texas Fertility Center. The day you chose to partner with a fertility specialist, you took control of your health, body and destiny. The journey won’t be easy, but together we will overcome the obstacles and celebrate each phase along the path to conception.
We are scientists, but we can’t emphasize enough the importance of mind-body-spirit care during your treatment. Take advantage of the resources available to you in the office and on this site. You’ll find that knowledge and planning bring peace of mind.
Read. Research. But don’t forget to relax and renew — as a woman and as a couple. TFC is on your side with the information, therapeutic strategies and advice that you’ll need now and throughout our time together.

Start By Becoming Informed about Fertility

Infertility is a complicated issue, and you and your spouse cannot expect to know everything from the beginning. Staying informed can help you maintain some control over the process and help you feel comfortable making decisions along the way.
As you research treatments and outcomes, it is important to understand that no two infertility situations are the same. Not everything you will read or hear will apply to you and your spouse.
Our Texas Fertility Center team is committed to providing the educational support you’ll need to understand infertility.
Here are the resources that will help during your journey to conceiving a child, with peace of mind tips throughout.

Build a Personal Library

TFC constantly updates its clinic-based literature so you have the latest and most comprehensive information about basic infertility options, as well as more detailed information that can help you to understand your unique treatment plan.
We’ll supply you with helpful materials at your first clinic visit, as well as a hardbound binder to organize your information. As your treatment plan advances, your library will grow. Think of it as an arsenal. You are arming yourself with information to combat the obstacles and challenges of infertility.
Tip: Our clinical approach may differ slightly from that of other fertility clinics. Just as each patient is unique, different clinics have varying approaches to treatment. Don’t be surprised if what you have read on the Internet, found in books, or discussed with other friends doesn’t match up exactly with the TFC plan.

Rely on Your Clinical Staff

Time to time, you will need a little personal one on one to gain a better understanding of your questions. Ask us! Our caring staff is happy to answer your questions and help you to understand your treatment plan.
At your first appointment, we partner you with a nurse that will follow your treatment and help with your care. She will provide you with a direct phone number and email address so you won’t ever get lost in voice prompts and generic in-boxes.
Please remember: Your questions may not have simple answers. At times, your nurse will refer a question directly to your doctor. If the information you need is complex, your doctor may want to talk to you and your partner in person at an office visit..

Tip: To optimize your time at an office visit, it can be helpful to write your questions down in advance.

Ask Your Doctor

It is very important to all of us that you and your spouse understand your treatment plan. Our goal is to answer your questions as they arise.
Routine appointments such as sonograms and inseminations are scheduled for efficiency. We need to make a quick assessment of your progress, and you want to get on with your day. Please understand that we can discuss a few questions, but these visits are not scheduled to allow for lengthy discussions.
Tip: If you’d like to combine this appointment with a consultation, please call to extend your time with us by an extra 15 minutes. This will allow your doctor to spend additional time with you. We want to give you the time you need so that you can have your questions answered to your satisfaction.
Need more time than that? The best option would be to schedule a separate consultation. Your doctor will sit down with you and your spouse and help you understand your questions in a relaxed appointment with no interruptions.
Your questions are important to us. Trying to squeeze too much into a routine visit does not enable us to meet your needs. Let us give you the time and attention you deserve!

Training Classes on Injection Techniques

Texas Fertility Center offers injection administration training classes for patients undergoing cycles that make use of injectable medications.
Group classes meet at 1 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
These sessions last approximately one hour. To reserve a space for the training class, please call your nurse.
Tip: Arrange to attend an injection technique class BEFORE the start of the cycle that will use injectable medication. This allows you ample time to learn to use the injectable medications. It also gives us an opportunity to order the injectable medications and process any insurance information as needed.

Attend IVF Orientation

We hold a class every month from for anyone interested in learning more about infertility and the process of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). These classes are held in the second floor auditorium at North Austin Medical Center, located at 12221 N. Mopac. These classes are open to patients of TFC, as well as the general public. Our doctors, nurses and embryologists are on hand to walk you through the process of IVF and answer any questions you might have. We do provide light refreshments at the meeting, so feel free to come directly from work. Although the orientation is open to all, please RSVP so we have enough food for all!  Please check our event calendar for the next available class.
RSVP to 512-610-7474 or email Please indicate which date of the program you will be attending.

Know the Reliable Fertility Websites

Get Help 24/7/365 at
The new Texas Fertility Center website offers expanded information on infertility therapy, with printable guides to help you along your way.
If you find that our site hasn’t covered an issue important to you, please email us . We really do appreciate your feedback. If you have a question that we have not addressed, odds are that others would like the answer as well.

Industry and Educational Websites

Texas Fertility Center works with many great partners, and each brings helpful emotional and medically relevant information to patients. We have included a list of fertility links to help you understand and cope with infertility.

Other Internet Sites

We recommend that you avoid Internet chat rooms and social media sites. These sites contain conflicting information and are often not written by medical professionals. Although the intent is good, the information is often misleading — and in some instances, wrong.
Infertility treatment is not the same for everyone. When you read about other patients’ experiences — especially on the Internet — their situations and treatments may be very different from yours. You partnered with us for a reason Trust us to take exceptional care of you and your partner..

Tip: There’s a reason for websites like Snopes. Rely on TFC to provide a medically sound course of action, and don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.