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Fertility Treatment for Same-Sex Female Couples

Fertility treatment for same-sex female couples

Texas Fertility Center is proud to be an inclusive provider of IUI in Austin. Intrauterine insemination is the front-line fertility treatment for most same-sex female couples. Typically, IUI with donor sperm is an ideal path to parenthood for lesbian couples hoping to build their families.  

Important decisions when considering IUI with donor sperm

Lesbian couples are lucky to have two women who may be capable of carrying a baby. Typically, by the time they come to us for IUI in Austin, the two women have already had conversations about which partner will undergo the IUI procedure. However, certain fertility factors can also come into play, which is why our first step in IUI with donor sperm will generally be fertility testing of at least one partner. 

Dr. Munch Talks About Conception Options for Same Sex Female Couples

Fertility testing is the next step in the process for same sex female couples

Through bloodwork and ultrasound examination, we can establish a baseline measure of a woman’s fertility and estimate her chances of success with IUI. If the odds of success are a determining factor in which partner will carry, we can test both partners to help the couple make the decision. 

The next big decision is selecting a sperm donor. Frozen donor sperm are readily and affordably available from a variety of sperm banks, and can be shipped to our fertility center from anywhere in the United States. We are also happy to recommend reputable, local sperm banks for you to consider. Our state-of-the-art IVF lab will also work with you if you have a friend or other known donor who has offered to provide you with sperm for use in IUI. 

Once donor sperm has been secured, and you’re ready to move forward with fertility treatment for same-sex female couples, the selected partner may be prescribed specific fertility medications to help us perfectly time the insemination around ovulation. She will also need to return to our fertility center for ultrasound monitoring before the procedure, which allows our fertility specialists to view how many eggs are developing on the ovaries, and how close to ovulation the eggs are. This ensures that sperm are introduced at exactly the right time, while reducing the risk of twins or higher order multiples.

When the time is right, the couple will return to our office for the IUI. This is a quick procedure that involves thawing the prepared sperm, placing them inside a catheter that is passed through the cervix into the uterus, and injecting the sperm into the uterine cavity. A pregnancy test will be performed about two weeks after the IUI.

Other types of fertility treatment for same-sex female couples

In addition to IUI with donor sperm, we offer extensive fertility testing and advanced reproductive technology to help women become parents. We encourage you to learn more about all of the different types of fertility treatments for same-sex female couples, and what to expect with IUI in Austin.

It is our privilege to provide fertility treatment for same-sex female couples on their journey to parenthood. To meet with a reproductive endocrinologist to explore IUI in Austin, contact us to schedule an appointment.