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Fertility Treatment for Same-Sex Male Couples

Fertility treatment for same-sex male couples

If you’re looking for inclusive IVF in Austin, you’ve come to the right place. At Texas Fertility Center, we welcome all people who need a little extra help to grow their families. We are proud to support gay parenting by providing fertility treatment for same-sex male couples, including IVF, donor eggs and surrogacy.

What is the standard fertility treatment for same-sex male couples?

For men who wish to become biological parents, the path to gay parenting is IVF using donor eggs and a gestational surrogate. The IVF process for gay couples involves fertilizing donor eggs with sperm in our IVF laboratory to create embryos, one of which can then be transferred to a gestational surrogate to carry the pregnancy for you. Remaining embryos can be frozen and stored for future attempts at pregnancy.

Our experienced team strives to make this complex process as simple and streamlined as possible, supporting you through every step you take toward meeting your future baby.

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Important decisions on the path to gay parenting

For gay couples, the first decision to make is which partner will provide the sperm needed for IVF. Some couples decide to create embryos using both partners’ sperm, while others have a clear idea of which parent should have the genetic link to their baby. An important step in this decision is fertility testing for both partners, which can provide valuable information about the quality and quantity of sperm available for use in IVF. 

Of course, fertility treatment for same-sex male couples also requires eggs that can be fertilized with the fathers’ sperm. When you come to us for IVF in Austin, you will gain access to our in-house egg donation program, from which you can choose an egg donor who meets all of your criteria. We are also happy to work with a known donor of your choice, as well as other reputable egg-donation agencies if you already have a donor in mind. 

Donor eggs can come from a frozen egg bank, or we can welcome your selected donor as our patient for a fresh IVF cycle at any of our Texas IVF center locations. All egg donors are intensively pre-screened to ensure that they are both healthy and at peak fertility to provide enough good-quality eggs to give you an excellent chance at pregnancy.

We also provide extensive support for selecting a gestational carrier, and can recommend reputable agencies with whom we have had positive experiences. Our expert reproductive endocrinologists will oversee every aspect of this phase of your journey to gay parenting, from preparing your surrogate through the embryo transfer, and through the initial phase of pregnancy.

Find out more about IVF for gay couples

To learn more about fertility treatment for same-sex male couples, we encourage you to dive deeper into our information about how the IVF process works and what to expect with IVF in Austin.

As a full-service fertility care provider, we have every tool necessary to help gay men become parents. From male fertility testing to finding the right egg donor and throughout the entire IVF process with a gestational surrogate, we are here to help make your dream of gay parenting come true.

Our experienced, supportive team will be with you through every step of your fertility treatment, celebrating every milestone with you on your road to parenthood. Contact us to learn more about fertility treatment for same-sex male couples and IVF in Austin.