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Advocacy Day Grant Recipient 2019 – Meet Brittany

Brittany and her husband shared their heartwarming fertility story with us last year. Now, they have an exciting update. Read on to learn more.

An infertility story with a happy ending

The beginning of the journey to find success after fertility strugglesIn December 2014, Brittany and her husband decided to start a family. After about five months, they decided to see a fertility specialist. The couple went to Brittany’s OB/GYN.

After some testing, they learned that Brittany has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). According to Brittany, “We came to the realization that I am an egg factory. My body, we decided, is selfish and does not release the egg when it should, it wants to keep them all for itself.” During surgery in September 2015, the couple also learned that Brittany has endometriosis.

The couple took a few months to recover after the surgery before Brittany started taking shots for ovarian stimulation. However, every month was a disappointment. “Test after test, we became very disenchanted with the whole process,” Brittany explains.

After trying for two years, Brittany’s husband got a new job that offered a $20,000-lifetime max on infertility treatment, which included IVF. According to Brittany, “We took it as a sign.”

Meeting with Dr. Propst at Texas Fertility Center

Brittany’s OB/GYN recommended that she make an appointment with Dr. Anthony Propst at TFC in March 2016. After extensive fertility testing, the couple moved forward with treatment. “The process seemed to take forever, but it was very worth it. When it came time to do the egg retrieval, we ended up with 25 eggs and 19 of them were viable. 17 of those eggs fertilized and 14 were viable embryos. We had extremely high hopes,” Brittany recalls.

The couple was excited for the next step and Dr. Propst transferred a single embryo in June 2016. It was a success and they were over the moon. “However, in July, they learned that the baby was not growing as it should. Another scan found there was no heartbeat.

Moving forward with another embryo transfer

The beginning of the journey to find success after fertility strugglesAfter taking some time to recover, the couple decided to give it another go. This time, Dr. Propst transferred two embryos because they didn’t want to chance a loss again. The test came back positive. “We had our rainbow baby,” Brittany recalls.

In May 2018. Brittany had a c-section at 36 weeks and delivered a healthy baby boy. Weighing in at 9lbs 13ozs, Gavin Bowie was the biggest baby in the NICU. When he was released a week later, everything was perfect. Today, the couple’s son is a healthy and amazing 25-pound boy.

According to Brittany, “We could not have accomplished any of this without all of the people at Texas Fertility Center. We owe TFC, Dr. Propst and the staff so much praise for giving us our miracle. So much so, that we have just completed our third round of IVF in hopes of adding one more little face to our family!”

Advocating for increased infertility awareness

Although infertility is common, many people don’t realize it. They may feel ashamed or feel like there’s no hope to have a baby. Brittany wants them to know that pregnancy is possible with help and there is no shame if infertility is affecting you. “The more we talk about it, the more aware people become, and real, honest discussions can occur. Women and their partners need to know that they are not alone.” That’s why infertility awareness is important to her.

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