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Aiden’s Story

Aiden’s Story

Aiden - 7 (160x240)Like many going through the fertility process, we were surprised to learn it’s not as easy to get pregnant as they warn you in high school.

After years of not, not trying, we realized that we might need some help. Surprisingly, we discovered several friends and coworkers had faced similar difficulties and recommended Dr. Silverberg. After our initial consultation we recognized that Dr. Silverberg was clearly an expert and would recommend the appropriate steps to attempt and would appropriately recommend when new steps should be considered. We handed over control of our pituitary glands and trusted his plan, confident that everything would work out as it was meant to.

The fertility process is an emotional rollercoaster. We found all of the staff at TFC, from receptionist to nurses, insurance specialist to doctors, were genuinely empathetic and extremely considerate of the difficulties we experienced. Although it was heartbreaking to hear that a step had failed, the nurses were always so delicate with the news. And we rarely ran into the issues so common in healthcare – delayed appointments, difficulty scheduling, etc. Even when procedures had to be set up elsewhere, they were done so easily. They were also especially helpful in navigating the insurance coverage issues to help us get the appropriate approvals. And when it came time to take more aggressive treatment measures, Dr. Silverberg was excellent at informing us and making sure we were comfortable progressing if and when we were ready to do so. We never felt pressured to move too quickly or take a step we weren’t comfortable with and that helped us build trust in his approach.

In the end, after over a year of help and a few setbacks, we were overjoyed to welcome our son to our family. We are eternally grateful to Dr. Silverberg and the TFC staff for helping give fate a little nudge.

Photographs taken by Abby Glenn Photography


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