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Ava’s Story

Ava’s Story

Ava Little did I know, at the time, that the Texas Fertility Center would change my life forever in the best possible way!

We were referred to Dr. Silverberg a couple of years ago after not successfully conceiving throughout nearly twelve years of marriage.

Right from the start Dr. Silverberg impressed us.  Not only was he passionate and optimistic about helping us conceive but he was so patient, caring, understanding, and funny—which was comforting in the emotional and stressful situation in which we found ourselves.  Even though fertility issues are no fun, we always looked forward to our visits with Dr. Silverberg.  In fact, when I didn’t need to be seen anymore, my husband would tease me because I actually missed going in!  Dr. Silverberg has a way of making us feel like we must be his absolute favorite patients!  I’m confident he probably makes all he patients feel this way.

A couple of times during our IVF process we had to see different doctors, but they were just as kind, friendly and on top of their game as Dr. Silverberg, as were our amazing nurses!  I’ve never seen such passion and dedication in a medical setting.

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After various tests, consults, and a surgical procedure, I felt ready and at peace about trying IVF.  Our first IVF cycle was a success…and now my sweet miracle baby girl just turned four months old!  Every day is like Christmas—I’ve been given the most miraculous blessing and gift I could ever receive in the universe!  Every day I look at her and can hardly believe she’s finally in my arms.  One thing’s for sure—Dr. Silverberg and Texas Fertility Center are and always will be the best in our eyes.  They truly have been ministering angels to me and I will be forever grateful.

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