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Double the Fertility Success with Preimplantation Genetic Screening

Unexplained infertility leads to TFC and preimplantation genetic screening

Successful fertility treatment in Austin with PGS and IVF Sarah and her husband James tried for five years to have a baby, but they experienced several miscarriages. “After the second miscarriage, we decided to see what was going on,” said Sarah.

When Sarah and James were deciding on a fertility clinic, they talked to James’ sister, who had brought home a baby with help from our Austin fertility center. According to Sarah, “James’ sister referred us to Texas Fertility Center because she had a great experience.”

The couple did online research and ultimately scheduled a consultation with Natalie Burger, M.D. “Immediately, we knew it was the right decision,” said Sarah.

Preimplantation genetic screening brought double the success for Sarah and James

After talking to Dr. Burger and having bloodwork, Sarah started intrauterine insemination (IUI) at our Austin fertility center. After several attempts, Sarah and James got pregnant on their own; however, the pregnancy wasn’t successful. It was a difficult time, but Sarah says: “Dr. Burger was on our side. She gave us time to gather our thoughts, and she gave us more options.”

Dr. Burger diagnosed Sarah with unexplained infertility and recommended that the couple undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) with preimplantation genetic screening (PGS). After praying and speaking with their pastor, the couple decided to move forward and Sarah started taking injectable fertility medications. “Without much discussion, we knew that we wanted to do preimplantation genetic screening. IVF is an investment and we wanted to make sure that our embryos were genetically healthy,” said Sarah.

According to Sarah, “Every step [of IVF] was easy and almost pain-free, with no side effects, and everything was explained to us.” In the end, the couple was left with one healthy embryo. After embryo transfer, the couple took it “day by day” and held their breath until their appointment at week six, when the sonogram showed not one, but two babies. To everyone’s surprise, Sarah and James were pregnant with identical twins.

From that point, the pregnancy proceeded with no complications. Sarah said, “The pregnancy was almost too good to be true. I didn’t even have morning sickness. I kept wondering if everything was really okay.”

As it turns out, everything was more than okay. In May, Sarah gave birth to her twin girls, Emery and Eden, via cesarean section at 37 and a half weeks. Both of the girls were healthy and strong at over six pounds each.

Sarah shares her advice for patients at Texas Fertility Center

When asked her thoughts about our Austin fertility center, Sarah said, “I definitely recommend Texas Fertility Center. They took such good care of us. I didn’t want to find another doctor to deliver the twins. I was spoiled.” Dr. Burger provided Sarah and James with referrals to area OBGYNs and the transition was smooth.

As for her advice for fertility patients, Sarah said, “Be honest with your doctor about your feelings. You rely on their wisdom for the physical part, but Dr. Burger was ready to listen to our emotional needs, and she was sensitive about our miscarriages. We were a team and she was on the journey with us. We didn’t have that with past doctors.”

If you have concerns about your fertility or would like to know more about preimplantation genetic screening, contact our Austin fertility center.

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