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Dr. Anthony Propst was my fertility doctor.

Dr. Anthony Propst was my fertility doctor.

Unlike many fertility patients, my case was unique in that I had no known etiology for my infertility. That made the whole process a little more frustrating in a sense because there was nothing for the doctors to “fix” per say. Dr. Propst, however, always remained exceptionally optimistic and professional with a wonderfully gentle and kind demeanor.

Dr. Propst’s level of professionalism and knowledge was always very comforting to me and he was able to make what would have otherwise been a stressful experience, quite calming…there was even an element of excitement to move to the “next level”. Every test and procedure meant one step closer to getting my very eagerly awaited baby.

I progressed from intrauterine insemination, to surgery, to IVF, all the while feeling quite certain that I would alas have my desired child. The first IVF was a success! It wasn’t at all peculiar that I was told of my very first pregnancy not by a home pregnancy test or even by my own husband, but by my faithful and steadfast fertility doctor…Dr. Propst! I delivered a beautiful healthy baby boy.

Anyone knowing my long history with infertility and the numerous tests and procedures that were required to have our children, surely could have surmised that it would have taken a toll on my emotions and spirit. But in addition to my great faith in God, I was gifted with the best and most knowledgeable, compassionate, optimistic, confident fertility doctor on the planet! I truly believe that through Dr. Propst’s amazing characteristics, I was able to maintain my faith and positive spirit through what could have easily been a harrowing ordeal.I went through several more IVF procedures and frozen embryo transfers with one more being successful.

At week 5 of my second pregnancy I was jolted with horror at the sight of bright red, copious amounts of blood! I immediately called Dr. Propst with the most sinking feeling that I was losing my baby. I will never forget his unfaltering calm and compassionate voice. He met me at his office and continued to assure me that although heavy bleeding during pregnancy was not favorable, it wasn’t necessarily detrimental. I held onto his words and prayed the entire way to his office. Dr. Propst provided me with a sense of peace in that moment of panic that I will always cherish. And via ultrasound, he was able to identify my baby’s beating heart. I delivered a second healthy and beautiful son.



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