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Dr. Tony Propst Performs Fertility-Preserving Fibroid Surgery

Dr. Tony Propst performs fertility-preserving fibroid surgery

Tristi Tobias - Baby Cadence PhotoTristi Tobias dreamed of a family.

However, after experiencing two ectopic pregnancies in her 20s, the 40-year-old teacher thought, “I’ll never be a mother.” She was also experiencing horrible monthly cycles, but she just “assumed that’s how periods are.”

During a routine checkup, Tristi’s OB-GYN discovered fibroids, but told her not to worry about it—the fibroids probably wouldn’t impact her fertility.

Opting for laparoscopic fibroid surgery

Tristi knew that, due to her ectopic pregnancies, she wanted to try IVF. An online search led her to Texas Fertility Center. In the initial consultation, she said that Dr. Tony Propst “couldn’t see my left ovary, because of the fibroid. He said for the best outcome, it should be removed.”

On the day of her fibroid surgery, an industry-standard surgical tool, laparoscopic power mocellation, was recalled by the FDA. This made the surgery much more challenging for Dr. Propst, who performed laparoscopic fibroid surgery instead of a robotic approach.

Due to Dr. Propst’s skill and experience, the fibroid surgery was a success. He removed two fibroids; the dominant fibroid was quite large. After the fibroid surgery, Tristi was off her feet “for maybe a day.” She said the pain was minimal. Later, she noticed something else. She was no longer suffering from horrible cycles. “I didn’t know how easy periods could be,” Tristi said. Also, with the fibroids gone, Tristi could pursue IVF with Dr. Propst.

IVF success after fibroid surgery

Just a few months after her fibroid surgery, Tristi had her first round of IVF. The first round didn’t take, but she had more success during her second round a few months later. Just a few days after the second IVF cycle, Tristi learned she was pregnant. “I didn’t want to get my hopes up, but I took a pregnancy test. I remember it was a Thursday; I’ll always remember it.”

Tristi is now thrilled to be the mother of a beautiful baby girl named Cadence.“If we had a boy, my husband and I were talking about naming him Anthony, after Dr. Propst,” Tristi says.

There’s still a chance for Dr. Propst to have a little boy named after him. Tristi and her husband plan to try again for another baby in the near future.

Even though Tristi and her family have since moved across the country, Tristi left her frozen embryos stored in Austin at Texas Fertility Center and plans to continue seeing Dr. Propst for frozen embryo transfer, FET. She’s says, “I want Dr. Propst to do it. We have a relationship.”

Dr. Propst was “laid-back and honest”

Dr. Propst performed the life-changing fibroid surgery that paved the way for Tristi to get pregnant with her beautiful daughter, Cadence. But, that’s not the only reason Tristi is a happy patient.

When asked what is special about Dr. Propst, Tristi said: “He’s so laid-back and honest. His sense of humor is really funny and it helped diffuse some of the tension. He would always call me back and talk to me when I had questions. My husband really gets along with him, too.”

Tristi added: “He’s a good fit for me, and I wouldn’t switch doctors for the world.”

To arrange a consultation with Dr. Propst, a board certified fertility specialist and reproductive surgeon, please contact Texas Fertility Center in Round Rock.

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