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Fertility Success at 41

Fertility Success at 41

Like a lot of women, I thought I had time to start a family.

I thought it was something I would get around to eventually. And then eventually happened. I married later in life (by some standards) and by 38 my husband and I were ready to try. We didn’t feel too old to have a baby, we felt we were ready. And after a few months of trying, were happy to find out we were pregnant. And then we miscarried. And so, began our fertility life that would unfold over the next three years.

Over the course of the next 14 months, I successfully became pregnant three times, and lost all three pregnancies.

We ran tests, we changed my diet and exercise, I started meditating, and still we were facing fertility challenges. Thanks to a frank OBGYN, the conclusion that started to surface was that my lack of success was due to my eggs, we were fertilizing poor quality eggs. Armed with the hopeful knowledge that because I had successfully been pregnant we were good candidates for further fertility assistance options, we were introduced to Texas Fertility Center.

This world was foreign to us, as it is with a lot of people who seek assistance with starting or expanding their families. My husband and I spent hours reading over the website just trying to soak in the information and educate ourselves as quickly as we could. And then we started researching and reading about the doctors who make up the practice at the Texas Fertility Center. We needed to find our partner in crime. And the doctor that seemed to best fit that role was Dr. Natalie Burger.

At our first meeting with Dr. Burger, sitting in her office, hopeful, scared, naïve – we walked through options.

She took her time and was real. She was factual and practical and realistic. We needed that. We had lots of people hoping for us and wishing for us and thinking positive thoughts for us – we needed someone rooted in science who was adjusting facts and figures and knowledge to my body and my situation. I never felt like I was just a number or one of many patients with Dr. Burger or the Texas Fertility team. It was like I was the only patient.

Fertility AT 41The doctors at TFC knew what was happening with me, what my goal was and what my best options were.

When someone asks my advice about seeking fertility treatments – after recommending the fertility specialists at Texas Fertility — I advise one simple thing, do everything they suggest. They know what they are talking about, they know what and how to increase your success percentage and they always have your best interest at heart. Trust in the knowledge of your doctor.

Dr. Burger is amazing and quite frankly, I don’t believe my daughter Finley would be here today without her. One of the hardest things I ever had to do was leave her office and care and go to my OBGYN – because we had success! I am unique, as is everyone who enters the world of fertility treatments and we had one round of IVF, one successful egg fertilize and become an embryo, and one successful embryo transfer become a baby girl. And Dr. Burger and her steadfastness and factual support made it possible to take the leap of faith needed from me and my husband to believe we could overcome obstacles and become parents. Which is what happened November 3, 2017!!







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