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Fertility Success with IUI

A pregnancy loss ultimately led to IUI at Texas Fertility Center

A pregnancy loss ultimately led to IUI at Texas Fertility CenterFor Elizabeth and her husband Paul, the journey to build a family through IUI at Texas Fertility Center started after a pregnancy loss. According to Elizabeth, “In February of 2010, we lost our first baby. The pregnancy was a surprise because we weren’t trying, but we were excited.” When the couple lost the baby, they were crushed.

Elizabeth went to her obgyn who prescribed Clomid to help her conceive. However, she said, “Clomid was really messing with my hormones and emotions, so I went to the office one day looking for answers.”

Since her doctor wasn’t in, she spoke with a physician’s assistant who explained that she had the same problem and had visited Thomas Vaughn, M.D., at our Austin fertility center. At first, Elizabeth didn’t think she needed to see a fertility specialist. “I thought, ‘I’ve been pregnant, so I’m not infertile.’”

Despite her doubts, Elizabeth decided to do some research about Texas Fertility Center and Dr. Vaughn. She liked what she read and she decided to schedule a consultation to find out more.

Dr. Vaughn made Elizabeth and Paul feel comfortable about proceeding with IUI

A pregnancy loss ultimately led to IUI at Texas Fertility CenterAt her appointment, Elizabeth and Paul were impressed with Dr. Vaughn. “He was very black and white, which I appreciated because that’s how I am,” said Elizabeth. He also didn’t waste any time trying to figure out why the couple was struggling to conceive.

After a physical exam at the first appointment, Dr. Vaughn performed laparoscopic surgery to remove pelvic adhesions. Although Dr. Vaughn was able to remove the adhesions, Elizabeth still felt emotional. However, Dr. Vaughn continued to support the couple. “He even called us on the weekend to check in and it touched my heart. Doctors just don’t do that,” said Elizabeth.

A pregnancy loss ultimately led to IUI at Texas Fertility CenterDr. Vaughn prescribed Elizabeth fertility medications and performed IUI at our Austin fertility center twice. When Elizabeth didn’t get pregnant, she felt very discouraged. “He never made me feel bad for crying, and he made me feel validated. He just kept telling me that we would get through it together,” she said.

Finally, with the third IUI, Elizabeth got pregnant with her first daughter, Lissie. Dr. Vaughn continued to look out for the wellbeing of Elizabeth and her baby after she conceived.

A few years after having Lissie, Elizabeth and Paul were ready to add another baby to their growing family. It was a trying time for Elizabeth, but Dr. Vaughn brought her comfort just as he did before. According to Elizabeth, “His bedside manner is unbelievable. He held my hand and said, ‘We got through this once and we’ll get through this again.’”

Dr. Vaughn was right. Just like the first time, it took three rounds of IUI before Elizabeth got pregnant and gave birth to another baby girl. The couple named this little miracle Lianna.

The couple is eternally grateful to Texas Fertility Center

Elizabeth can’t say enough good things about her experience. “I owe everything to TFC and Dr. Vaughn. I can’t say enough about how much I love them,” she said. The couple brought each of their miracle babies into the office after they were born so Dr. Vaughn could meet them. They even took their girls to the annual TFC Baby Reunion this year. “It was wonderful to see Dr. Vaughn again,” said Elizabeth.

A pregnancy loss ultimately led to IUI at Texas Fertility CenterWhen asked what advice she would give to other women in her situation, Elizabeth said, “Talk about it. I was ashamed so I didn’t do it until I got pregnant, but I should have sooner.” According to Elizabeth, “There are so many people going through this and you aren’t alone.”

Elizabeth has an additional piece of advice. “I tell everyone who is having trouble getting pregnant, ‘You’ve got to go see Dr. Vaughn,’” she said.

If you would like to learn more about IUI at Texas Fertility Center, please contact us today to schedule an appointment. Our team of physicians can help you start or grow your family.

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