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Shannon and Beth’s Fertility Story

Shannon and Beth’s Fertility Story

Our fertility journey started in 2011.

Hinshaw St Paul FamI was 33 at the time and had an overwhelming sense of wanting to be a mother. However, my wife Beth, who was 47 at the time, had already put any earlier feelings of motherhood to rest. She had a great career, we had a great life, and she felt we would do other things. But the feeling kept nagging at me. Beth and I decided to think and talk about it for a year or so.

In June 2013 we headed to Women Partners in Health to the wonderful Dr. Ikbal to start the process of getting pregnant. I was sooo excited! But after 11 months of IUIs and one minor surgery, there was still no pregnancy. I knew about IVF but it took me a long time to come to terms with moving in that direction.

We had actually met Dr. Burger in early 2013 at a class for gay couples wanting to become parents. She was gracious enough to come speak on behalf of Texas Fertility and explain some of the options. I thought she was really nice and smart but secretly hoped I would never see her in a medical setting.

By May of 2014 we had decided to learn more about IVF. We remembered Dr. Burger and set up our first appointment with her. After an hour of listening to Dr. Burger and asking her a million questions, I was ready to dive in. I was so impressed with her knowledge, kindness, and willingness to listen to all of our questions and concerns. It was a really big step for us and Dr. Burger handled it wonderfully.

Over the next few months I had one unsuccessful embryo transfer and yet another surgery. We went through all of the emotions from hope, to nervousness, to fear, to sadness, and back to hope. We became friends with Dr. Burger and the staff since we saw them at some points in the process almost every day. I really looked forward to my appointments even if they required tests. In many ways I still miss those regular appointments today. Dr. Burger’s support staff, especially Ashley and Pam, were incredible. I could contact them with questions and they always responded quickly and kindly with clear information.

I had my second embryo (of three) transferred on December 17, 2014. It was the most wonderful and amazing surprise that I found out I was pregnant on Christmas Day, December 25, 2014. I was so elated that after 3 years of wanting a baby and 18 months of trying to get pregnant, it had finally happened. But the surprises didn’t stop there! January 12, 2015 is a day I will never forget.

Beth and I were very clear that because she was now 50 years old, we only wanted one baby. However, as nature would have it, that little embryo split into two! I’ll never forget Dr. Burger looking closely at the ultrasound monitor that day and telling us that she saw and heard two separate heartbeats. Beth and I were in complete shock. I started laughing so loudly at the irony of this happening to us. We were at the Davis Lane South Austin office and I was so loud that I probably disturbed the rest of the patients and the staff 😉 But as we left the room, the overwhelming feeling was joy. It was really funny to see Dr. Burger’s face that day when she discovered the twins. We just couldn’t believe what had happened. Identical twin babies were growing inside me.

On August 14, 2015 our precious little guys Cason and Keaton were born. We could not be happier to have them in our lives and we thank Dr. Burger and Texas Fertility everyday for our wonderful little miracles. I can’t recommend Dr. Burger and the staff highly enough. They are all incredible!

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