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Game On: Texas Fertility Center Promotes Awareness, Solutions for Male Factor Infertility with ‘March Dadness’


Austin, Texas –February 27, 2012 – As college basketball teams prepare for the NCAA Competition known as March Madness, Texas Fertility Center (TFC) is taking this opportunity to increase understanding about male factor infertility with their ‘March Dadness’ campaign. Though many couples believe infertility is a female issue, 40 to 50 percent of cases involve male factor infertility.

“Often, male factor infertility is asymptomatic,” explained Dr. Kaylen Silverberg, one of TFC’s physicians. “The good news is that once we identify the problem, male factor infertility is almost always treatable.”

Common causes of male factor infertility include certain medical conditions, hormonal issues, ejaculation and erection problems, genetic disorders, low sperm count, varicocele, injury and obstruction in the reproductive tract.

With the ‘March Dadness’ campaign, Texas Fertility Center (TFC) is providing current, accurate information to help couples struggling to conceive. Print ads and radio spots will encourage couples to consider the possibility of male factor infertility and to seek help.

“One of the first steps we take with patients is to complete a full fertility evaluation, which includes a semen analysis for the male partner,” said Dr. Silverberg. “The results give us information about sperm count and quality so that we know how to proceed.”

A semen analysis measures components like the total number of sperm, sperm size and sperm shape. Other factors are also examined, such as semen color and semen volume.

Dr. Silverberg explained that “Depending on the semen analysis, we may suggest that the male partner visit a urologist for further assessment. Once we have a diagnosis, we can recommend the right treatment such as medication, intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in-vitro fertilization (IVF).”

Recognized both nationally and globally for excellence in success rates, research, and compassionate care, TFC has helped happy families welcome over 10,000 babies into the world.

“Our goal is to reach as many infertile couples as possible and offer them hope. Potentially infertile men need to get off of the bench and back into the game. Through this campaign, we hope to give the general public more information about male factor infertility and take away any stigma that is keeping would-be parents from achieving their goals,” said Dr. Silverberg.

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