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Secondary infertility 6 facts you need to know

Secondary infertility 6 facts you need to know

Expert advice for trying to conceive a second (or third!) time – Dr. Munch talks to SheKnows

Secondary Infertility doctor in San Antonio More and more celebrities have been opening up about the personal struggles they faced when trying to get pregnant with their first child.

Women like Chrissy Teigen, Giuliana Rancic, and Tyra Banks are helping to reduce some of the stigma that surrounds infertility by speaking openly about their troubles in starting a family. But less has been said about secondary infertility — when a couple has trouble conceiving after getting pregnant in the past without any problems. That’s why we appreciate that actress Molly Sims recently talked about her problems with secondary infertility. In a recent YouTube video, she talked about how she faced some “dark moments” and how much she dreaded calls from her fertility specialist because for so long the news on the other end wasn’t good.

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