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Texas Fertility Center Helps Evaluate Effectiveness of VeriSeq PGT-A with STAR Trial

Texas Fertility Center Helps Evaluate Effectiveness of VeriSeq PGT-A with STAR Trial

Austin, TX (December 19, 2019) – Texas Fertility Center (TFC) recently participated in one of the largest randomized controlled trials (RCTs) ever undertaken in the field of assisted reproduction. The focus of this global trial was to determine whether choosing embryos for transfer using the VeriSeq PGT-A could help improve ongoing pregnancy rates compared to choosing embryos using standard morphological (appearance) criteria. The results show this tool offers statistically significant improvement in ongoing pregnancy rates for women age 35 to 40.

VeriSeq PGT-A provides an advanced tool to screen IVF embryos

VeriSeq PGT-A is a next-generation sequencing (NGS) option for preimplantation genetic screening. This tool provides comprehensive testing of all 24 chromosomes in an IVF embryo biopsy.

The goal of PGT-A is to identify embryos that have a normal number of chromosomes (euploid) and those that have an abnormal number (aneuploid). This information helps reproductive endocrinologists transfer euploid embryos, which are less likely to result in IVF failure or miscarriage.

As mentioned above, in the STAR Trial, using VeriSeq to assist in embryo selection resulted in statistically significant improvement in ongoing pregnancy rates in women in the 35 to 40 year old age group. There were no statistically significant improvements for the cohort including women of all ages. Additionally, there were no significant differences in the overall miscarriage rates in the two study groups, although the overall miscarriage rates were low.

The STAR Trial for VeriSeq PGT-A was a massive undertaking

This groundbreaking trial not only offers notable findings, it is also impressive due to its scale. It involved 34 clinical sites, including Texas Fertility Center, and nine genetics laboratories in four different countries. The STAR Trial also included more than 650 randomized subjects.

According to Kaylen Silverberg MD, medical director of Texas Fertility Center, “As the world becomes increasingly more connected, so does fertility research and treatment. Texas Fertility Center is a leading fertility practice and it partners with Ovation – Austin, part of the Ovation® Fertility nationwide network of fertility laboratories. Not only that, we regularly work with reproductive endocrinologists and researchers around the globe. Participating in the STAR Trial for VeriSeq PGT-A is just one example of the collaborative work that benefits our patients and those around the United States and the world.”

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