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Texas Fertility Center’s Dr. Silverberg to Present Innovative Progesterone Research Study at ASRM 2010

Texas Fertility Center’s Dr. Silverberg to Present Innovative Progesterone Research Study at ASRM 2010

Austin, Texas – October 1, 2010– Patients who conceive via in vitro fertilization require treatment with progesterone to support the pregnancy until the placenta takes over. In the past, this has meant painful intramuscular injections. New research conducted by the Texas Fertility Center in Austin, Texas, shows that this is no longer the case.   In October, Dr. Kaylen Silverberg will present his findings at the 66th annual meeting of American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) in Denver, Colorado demonstrating the superiority of a novel vaginal progesterone compared to injectable progesterone. This is the largest and most significant study to date comparing these options.

“I am excited to share this study at ASRM,” Dr. Silverberg explained. “For years, our patients have had to suffer through intramuscular progesterone injections. These results prove that we can offer them a better choice.”

Dr. Silverberg’s study included 511 patients and took one year to complete. This research indicates that patients who received vaginal progesterone had higher pregnancy and delivery rates than the patients who received IM progesterone. For patients under age 35, the delivery rate was almost 15 percent higher in patients who received the vaginal progesterone than it was in patients who received intramuscular injections of progesterone.

“Vaginal progesterone is better tolerated by all patients,” Dr. Silverberg said. “The results of this study confirm that patients can successfully achieve and maintain pregnancy without enduring the inconvenience and discomfort of intramuscular (IM) progesterone.”

At the ASRM in Denver, Dr. Silverberg will discuss the study’s outcome and the implications for treatment. ASRM is the leading organization dedicated to the advancement and practice of reproductive medicine in the world. The organization works to provide continuing education for physicians in this area and to disseminate relevant information to the general public.


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