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TFC Patients on KXAN In Depth Fertility Report

TFC Patients on KXAN In Depth Fertility Report

Affordable IVF – KXAN story shines a light on affordable IVF at our Austin fertility center

No one expects to need IVF to start a family, but when faced with a diagnosis or the challenges of third-party reproduction, it’s comforting to know that Austin is home to a pioneer. An in-depth story on KXAN follows Jason and Kate Seale’s long road to parenthood. Texas Fertility Center’s Kaylen Silverberg, M.D., directed the IVF cycle that resulted in a positive pregnancy and a precious baby girl.

Fortunately for men and women in Austin, Round Rock, San Antonio and throughout the Southwest, research-backed fertility treatments, the “latest and the greatest,” are available right here at home.

A commitment to affordable IVF

Our Austin fertility center team is committed to improving upon IUI and IVF, genetic testing, egg and embryo freezing and fertility preservation, as well as keeping costs down for anyone who hopes to start a family, but has hurdles to clear first. Grants through the Fertility Foundation of Texas, clinical trials, drug discounts and other TFC programs all combine to bring affordable IVF to families in Central Texas.

PGS increases pregnancy rates and lowers miscarriage rates

In a peek inside the IVF lab, Tex VerMilyea, Ph.D., HCLD, demonstrates how the Ovation Fertility® lab team uses time-lapse photography to monitor embryos as they grow. The lab is also home to cutting-edge technology mentioned in the story that revolutionizes IVF. Preimplantation genetic screening, PGS, is one of the research areas that TFC and Ovation Fertility focus on to help make getting pregnant with one child at a time easier, faster and more cost effective.

When Dr. Silverberg confirmed a strong heartbeat for the Seales, Jason told KXAN that he “lost control of his tear ducts,” and shared a man-hug with Dr. Silverberg (also reported to have shed some tears in the monent). It’s that kind of happy ending that underscores the reason our TFC physicians, clinical care team, scientists and researchers work so hard to bring affordable IVF and effective treatments to market.

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