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TFC Fertility Specialist Speaks to Healthline about Miscarriage, Experienced by 1 in 10 Women

There is something as heartbreaking as not getting pregnant, and that is getting pregnant only to experience a miscarriage.

Healthline_Final-logos-RGBFor decades, Dr. Kaylen Silverberg has focused on investigating diagnosing and treating miscarriage to help minimize a woman’s chances for pregnancy loss. The editorial team at Healthline, “one of the country’s fastest growing health information sites” with over 40 million visitors, turned to Dr. Silverberg to shed light on the topic.

“A Breakdown of Miscarriage Rates by Week” appeared online January 2016 and provided Texas Fertility Center and Dr. Silverberg an opportunity to raise awareness for the causes of miscarriage and the diminishing risks as the pregnancy progresses.

The article outlines the common causes of miscarriage—particularly chromosomal imbalances. Women worried about miscarriage often ask their physicians about the signs and symptoms and why the first trimester is such a treacherous time in pregnancy.

Dr. Silverberg emphasized that more than 90 percent of first trimester miscarriage is caused by chromosomal imbalances, or aneuploidy, that can be detected with today’s breakthrough fertility testing — preimplantation genetic screening, or PGS.

Dr. Silverberg urges women who have had two miscarriages before the 28th week of pregnancy to seek help from a fertility specialist. There are steps physicians can take to help you get pregnant — and stay pregnant. Contact Texas Fertility Center for a consultation to help resolve recurrent miscarriage.

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