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TFC Team 2023

Trendy Versus Trusted?

Who should you turn to? A trendy clinic or a trusted fertility practice with decades of experience?

Being trendy is great most of the time, but not when it comes to fertility care. When you need fertility testing or treatment, you want to turn to a trusted fertility clinic.

Maybe you just want to learn about your reproductive potential. Or perhaps you’re actively TTC. Either way, Texas Fertility Center is the place for you. Three babies are born in Austin every day, thanks to our team. Not only that, but since we opened our doors, we’ve helped parents bring 25,000 babies into the world. No one else even comes close to these numbers!

So, what’s our secret?

It turns out that it’s not actually a secret at all. It’s a combination of board certified reproductive endocrinologists and an advanced IVF laboratory. We also offer world-class fertility tests and treatments. In fact, the Texas Fertility Center docs even helped develop some of them. There’s nothing like getting care from the masters at TFC.

What can you find at our clinic?

Texas Fertility Center is a trusted leader in reproductive medicine. That means you can find all the fertility services you could ever want or need within our walls.

Want to see why trusted is better than trendy when it comes to fertility care? Contact us to schedule a consultation and experience the TFC difference.