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Fertility Specialist Resolutions

Read our fertility specialist resolutions

The new year will bring renewed hope for many couples trying to get pregnant. As you resolve to make changes to enhance your fertility, you may wonder what steps your fertility doctor will take to enhance his or her skills and improve your chances. These are our fertility specialist resolutions.

Part of welcoming in 2012 includes sharing our top 12 fertility specialist resolutions.

The first six fertility specialist resolutions

1. Remain active in research. A summary of the extensive, ongoing research efforts TFC doctors lead and participate in can be found on the About Us section of the website.

2. Network with colleagues. You’ll find the Texas Fertility Center name associated with the most prestigious medical conferences and symposiums in the world. Many of our physicians serve in leadership and collaborative roles alongside the brightest minds in modern day medicine.

3. Provide total mind-body care for patients. Research supports the benefits of wellness practices related to overall health. Every interaction with your fertility team will include a “big-picture” assessment of your mental and physical health.

4. Collaborate with academia. Committed to research, teaching, and continuing education, TFC fertility doctors serve as adjunct professors at University of Texas – Southwestern.

5. Offer patient support programs. In 2012, TFC will continue to expand its current programs of parent education, peer support groups and referrals. Please visit the Wellness section of our website to learn more.

6. Maintain excellent IVF success rates. TFC produces higher than average in-vitro fertilization (IVF) success rates and reports to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Discuss with your doctor the criteria and methodology for assessing IVF pregnancies to gain a better understanding of the statistics.

The remaining resolutions

7. Expand fertility care in Texas. Texas Fertility Center, celebrating the birth of more than 10,000 babies since we opened our doors, now serves more Texas families with offices in Austin, Round Rock and San Antonio.

8. Continue to offer an onsite, fully credentialed fertility laboratory. Anyone undergoing fertility treatment understands the critical need for access to an onsite lab for optimal embryo development and timely access to answers and results.

9. Hire only the best support staff and nurses. Our fertility team is beloved by our patients for good reason: We understand that fertility care requires compassionate, highly competent professionals who are skilled at serving as patient advocates.

10. Give back to the community. From raising awareness about breast cancer research during the annual Komen for the Cure initiative to assisting with Coats for Kids at Christmas, TFC vows to support the causes that matter to Austin.

11. Celebrate 10,000+ live births with an annual family reunion. Each year, Texas Fertility Center faces a happy problem: Finding a big enough venue to host all of the families and their babies that TFC helped welcome into the world.

12. Continue to offer hope to men and women facing infertility. Whether it’s providing fertility preservation for cancer patients, using minimally invasive surgical techniques to enhance fertility, or utilizing IVF with ICSI for male factor infertility, the fertility specialists at TFC have the experience and knowledge to help patients and their families evaluate their options to successfully overcome infertility.

Our goal is to make 2012 the year that your family will grow! Contact us to learn more about fertility specialist resolutions.

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