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What is AMH Testing?

Test AMH levels – A primordial primer on developing eggs

16721197_sThe number one predictor for fertility potential in women is age. We cannot know for sure how many eggs a woman has left, but fertility testing can give us an idea. This is why we test AMH levels.

One predictor measures a substance found in granulosa cells present in microscopic ovarian follicles. These egg-containing primary follicles are in the earliest stages of development. The amount of the hormone is anti-mullerian hormone (AMH). It occurs in these immature ovarian follicles. Measuring it will help you and your TFC fertility doctor make an informed decision about family planning.

A half dozen egg facts about AMH Testing

  1. Your fertility doctor can order this testing at any time in your menstrual cycle.
  2. The blood test will detect AMH levels in the pre-antral and small antral stages of follicle growth. Once a follicle is large enough to visualize on a sonogram, it no longer produces AMH.
  3. AMH fertility testing is one tool in the box. Testing should include day 3 FSH and estradiol blood tests as well.
  4. AMH testing is a relatively new assessment.
  5. A high AMH level is often accompanied by polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). A low AMH level can signal diminished ovarian reserve.
  6. Premature ovarian failure and cancer treatment that exposes the ovaries to radiation or chemotherapy can cause early menopause to occur regardless of age.

The pool of developing eggs can be a good indicator of a woman’s egg supply. TFC employs thistesting as part of fertility testing. They recommend it for women considering delaying family building, couples pursing IVF and women showing signs of premature ovarian failure.

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