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Our Family Is Growing, So We’re Moving the Annual TFC Baby Reunion


Big news for the TFC Annual Baby Reunion 2014

We measure success here at Texas Fertility Center is by the number of strollers at each year’s TFC Baby Reunion. The TFC Annual Baby Reunion 2014 will take place on Sunday, April 27, and we’re expecting a giggling, cooing crowd to roll in.

Since TFC families gathered for the first annual event at St. David’s Hospital back in 1986, the celebration has grown so large that we thought we’d share some sweet statistics:

  • Back in the early 80s, IVF was a new technology. Today, we have added IVF lab techniques that help men with low sperm counts; couples with recurrent miscarriage or failed IVF cycles; and anyone with a family history of genetic disease. More than 80 percent of people who seek fertility treatment and stick with the plan will have success!
  • No one could have imagined in 1986 that egg freezing would open doors to a family for cancer survivors, same-sex couples and women who wish to delay getting pregnant.
  • The number of infertile couples in the US has risen from approximately 5 million in 1986 to over 7.3 million today.
  • If all of the TFC babies attended, from 1986 to 2014, we’d have over 24,000 legacies of love at the party!

Save a Spot at the TFC Baby Reunion

The TFC fertility specialists, nurses and staff will welcome families to Pecan Springs Ranch for a celebratory day. We’ll have refreshments, of course, as well as bounce houses, face painting, games, and a petting zoo. A professional photographer will capture your family’s best side in a special commemorative picture.

Please visit our webpage devoted to the TFC Baby Reunion to reserve a place at this year’s event. We need to hear from you by April 21st, please. The fertility doctors will share a few words at 3:30 p.m., so we hope to see you there.

If you are not attending this year, please know that we will do everything we can, harnessing the full power of reproductive medicine and decades of experience, to bring you and your new baby to the 2015 TFC Baby Reunion!

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