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A Different Type of Cycle: TFC Couple Founded Texas 4000 for Cancer


Founding Texas 4000 for Cancer

Twice, Chris and Mandy Condit have undergone an IVF cycle at TFC, and twice they have celebrated IVF success. In working with Chris and Mandy, our fertility specialists discovered an inspiring story, and wished to share it with our patients, and the greater infertility community.

The Condits met at UT’s Castilian dorm, while they were both studying engineering. Chris is a cancer survivor, diagnosed with stage three Hodgkin’s lymphoma when he was 11. During their busy college years, Chris and Mandy devoted time to founding the Texas 4000 for Cancer, an Austin-to-Anchorage bike ride that raises funds and awareness for cancer research.

Cancer and Infertility

The cancer treatment that saved Chris’ life and led him to create the non-profit, seriously impacted his sperm count. When the Condits married and unsuccessfully tried to get pregnant, they both nearly gave up on the dream of having a big family. (Chris and Mandy were both the oldest of four!)

A referral led Chris and Mandy to TFC, where they would learn that male infertility was creating a hurdle, but not a roadblock.

  • Just this month, the couple heard positive news again: They are pregnant with Baby #2. This time, their fertility specialist, Dr. Kaylen Silverberg, recommended using a frozen embryo from a previous IVF fertility treatment cycle.


Today, if Chris were diagnosed with cancer, doctors would likely recommend fertility rescue to collect, freeze and bank his sperm. Preserving fertility is much more common than it was when Chris was 11.

We hope you will read more about the Condit’s, and support the charitable cause that they founded that helps so many people in Austin and around the U.S. Way to go, Chris and Mandy! We’re happy that TFC could help add two more to your cycling team.

If you are struggling with male infertility, or wish to learn more about fertility rescue for cancer patients, contact us at Texas Fertility Center in Austin, Round Rock or San Antonio.

Want to Ride or Donate? Find out more about the Texas 4000 here>>


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