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Sperm Secrets from the World’s Oldest Dad

maleclocksnipBigfoot and the male biological clock: Do either actually exist?

We read the stories of celebrities who fathered after 50 (Michael Douglas, Bruce Willis, Steve Martin, Elton John). Do you wonder if reproductive rules apply to men and women? While men continue to produce sperm throughout their lifetimes, there is a male biological clock. It’s impossible to avoid.

The male biological clock wake-up call

Dr. Kaylen Silverberg, reproductive endocrinologist in the Austin fertility clinic, poses a question. Men can become fathers at age 70 and beyond, but should they try to conceive?

Recent studies link paternal age with recurrent miscarriage and serious health conditions. These issues can put the next generation at risk for inheritable disease, birth defects and developmental disabilities.

  • Compared with men younger than 20, men over 50 may have a greater chance of having a child that develops schizophrenia.
  • Men older than 40 have a higher risk of having children with autism than 30-year-old men who have children.
  • Down’s syndrome may occur much more frequently when both the mother and father are over 40.

Bread and butter: Male fertility foods?

For the record, the world’s oldest dad (96) attributes his virility to daily exercise. He also ate a diet of almonds, milk, vegetables, ghee and an Indian flatbread called chapatis. Could there be something a male fertility diet?

A healthy lifestyle certainly contributes to male fertility.  As a result, TFC encourages all men to:

  • Maintain an optimal weight
  • Avoid cigarette smoking, illegal drugs and excessive alcohol
  • Stick to a healthful diet
  • Embrace exercise

We also recommend plugging in a biological clock on both sides of the bed, and seeking help with age-related infertility. If your male biological clock is sounding the alarm, contact us at Texas Fertility Center in Austin, San Antonio or Round Rock.

Dr. Kaylen SIlverberg Discusses Male infertility and Sperm Quality.

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