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Dr. Gavrizi Provides Recurrent Miscarriage Support

Dr. Gavrizi helps patients have rainbow babies by offering recurrent miscarriage supportDr. Gavrizi helps patients have rainbow babies by offering recurrent miscarriage support

Many people who visit Dr. Sarah Gavrizi have trouble getting pregnant. Some patients need help from this Austin fertility specialist because they can’t stay pregnant. For patients who have had two or more miscarriages, Dr. Gavrizi can help provide the recurrent miscarriage support they need to welcome a healthy baby.

“Few things are more devastating than seeing a positive pregnancy test and then experience a miscarriage later. It becomes especially difficult when patients have multiple miscarriages. Reproductive medicine has come a long way though, so there are a lot of tests and treatments that I can offer to help patients bring home a baby.”

Learn more about the causes of multiple miscarriages and the available treatments

As an Austin fertility specialist, Dr. Gavrizi knows that the first thing most patients who to know is why they’ve had multiple miscarriages. “Patients tend to think that they did something wrong, which typically isn’t the case. There are many causes of recurrent miscarriage that are out of a patient’s control but are still treatable.”

When it comes to recurrent miscarriage, there are a few general causes.

To determine which of these causes is responsible for a patient’s multiple miscarriages, Dr. Gavrizi will order some diagnostic tests. Based on the results, she will design a customized treatment plan for you.

“Sometimes, recurrent miscarriage support is as simple as taking medication to treat an infection or a medical condition. In other cases, she may recommend minimally invasive fertility surgery to treat uterine abnormalities or in vitro fertilization (IVF) with genetic testing.”

Get the recurrent miscarriage support you need to have a baby

You might be feeling discouraged and wonder if it’ll even be possible for you to have a baby, but there is hope. Getting recurrent miscarriage support from Dr. Gavrizi can help you bring home a rainbow baby. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more.

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