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Education About Male Infertility on Father’s Day

Knowledge is power, so learn about male infertility on Father’s Day

Knowledge is power, so learn about male infertility on Father’s DayMost men find it difficult to face male infertility on Father’s Day. After all, while you and your partner are struggling to conceive, it seems like the entire world is focused on the joys of fatherhood.

During this time, the team at Texas Fertility Center believes it’s important for people to know that male infertility is just as common as female issues. Additionally, each Austin fertility doctor at our practice believes that men should know what can cause male fertility issues. This is one of the best ways for men to learn about their options for treatments and lifestyle changes.

What are the most common male infertility causes?

If you ask any Austin fertility doctor at our practice, you’ll learn that there are four general categories of male infertility causes.

Anatomical issues include varicoceles (dilated veins draining the testicle), obstructions in the male reproductive tract and erectile dysfunction. Previous surgery or injury to the scrotal or pelvic area can also lead to male fertility issues. Many of these problems can be treated by an experienced urologist using surgery or medication.

Hormonal imbalances, such as low testosterone, can interfere with sperm production and sexual urges. When you visit an Austin fertility doctor at our clinic, they can provide medication to correct such a hormonal imbalance. This means you might not have to face male infertility on Father’s Day next year.

Sperm problems can range from a low sperm count to poor sperm quality. Thankfully, many male fertility treatments are available, including IVF with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and donor sperm.

Lifestyle factors can also play a role in male infertility. It might not be surprising to learn that being overweight, smoking and having uncontrolled stress are male infertility causes. However, seemingly “good” lifestyle choices like taking certain medications and working out too much can also cause infertility. Your doctor can help you identify lifestyle changes to make.

Take the first step to avoid facing male infertility on Father’s Day next year

Getting a diagnosis and treatment from an Austin fertility doctor at Texas Fertility Center can help you happily celebrate Father’s Day next year. Your doctor will start by taking your medical history and ordering a semen analysis. From there, you’ll work together to develop your customized treatment plan.

Contact us to schedule an appointment and say goodbye to male infertility on Father’s Day.

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