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Dr. Natalie Burger’s New Adventure

Dr. Natalie Burger will be taking a leave of absence to travel the world with her family

Natalie Burger MDFrom our team members to our patients, everyone loves Dr. Burger. She has been an important member of the Texas Fertility Center family for 14 years. Now, she’s taking some time away from her work as a fertility doctor to have adventures with her own family. Read on to learn more about what Dr. Burger will be doing next.

Our team is excited for Dr. Burger and her family

Dr. Burger and her husband have long had an interest in travel and different cultures. The couple now hopes to share these interests with their children by taking time off to travel. “We’re very privileged to have the chance to take time to travel with our children and allow them to experience the beauty of different cultures and people,” she explains.

Although this is an exciting change for the entire Burger family, this doctor takes a leave of absence from our practice with “a heavy heart.” According to Dr. Natalie Burger, “[I had] the privilege of meeting and working with many exceptional people on their journey to grow their family. I feel lucky to have been part of the process.”

The next steps for her and Texas Fertility Center

Right now, Dr. Natalie Burger is completely focusing on her family and traveling. During her leave of absence, she will not be working as a physician. This has left many people wondering whether she will come back to Texas Fertility Center.

While Dr. Burger is still deciding what’s next, Kaylen Silverberg MD, our clinic’s medical director, is hopeful that she’ll return someday. “Everyone at Texas Fertility Center wishes Dr. Burger and her family all the best as they embark on this exciting journey,” he says. “She has been an invaluable part of our practice, and we sincerely hope that she returns someday.”

You can follow Dr. Burger’s travels with her family on TFC’s social media, as she’ll be sending pictures and updates every now and then.

Also, Texas Fertility Center will be adding a new physician to the team. Allison Petrini MD will be joining us. This Texas native completed her training at Cornell and is renowned for her warmth and kindness. She is now accepting new patients.

Contact us if you would like to schedule an appointment with any of the doctors at Texas Fertility Center. Our entire team is here to help you on your path to parenthood.

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