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Electronic Medical Records at Ovation Austin

Learn more about the new electronic medical records system at Ovation Austin

Learn more about the new electronic medical records system at Ovation AustinTexas Fertility Center believes in using the latest technology, which is why we exclusively use the Ovation® Austin IVF lab. This lab goes beyond offering the latest laboratory tools and techniques to address female and male infertility. It has also implemented a state-of-the-art electronic medical records, or EMR, system called Artisan.

The new Artisan system will improve patient communication. Read on to learn more about this new system.

All about the Artisan EMR

Artisan is a cloud-based electronic medical records and management system that’s focused on fertility. This intuitive platform is designed to streamline medical records and ultimately improve patient care.

The Artisan electronic medical records system offers a wealth of features that convinced the team that this tool is the right one to use at the Ovation Austin IVF lab. The following list includes just a few of these exciting features.

  • Electronic and secure patient chart storage
  • HIPAA compliant messaging
  • IVF cycle coordination tools
  • SART reporting and uploading

Once the patient portal component of the new EMR system is up and running, patients will be able to receive information from the lab via email and text message. This will make it easier than ever before to move through your fertility treatment journey.

Why the lab has opted for electronic medical records

The practice of medicine is always changing and evolving, and the Ovation Austin IVF lab team believes it’s important to stay at the forefront. Whenever a new treatment or tool becomes available, the lab team does its research to make sure it will benefit patients. The Ovation Austin team found this to be the case for the Artisan system, and they decided to implement it.

If you have questions about the new EMR or you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us. We are here to help you achieve your goal of having a healthy baby.

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