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TFC at ASRM 2021

Two of our Austin fertility doctors are going to ASRM 2021

Dr Kaylen Silverberg - speaks at ASRM 2015

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) hosts an annual conference for fertility doctors and researchers. Typically, this is an in-person event. However, last year’s conference had to be virtual due to COVID-19 concerns. Our Austin fertility doctors are happy that ASRM 2021 will be in person again.

Both Kaylen Silverberg MD and Anthony “Tony” Propst MD will be attending this year’s conference in Baltimore, Maryland to learn about the latest fertility research and developments. Read on to learn why they’re excited to attend and meet with other fertility experts from around the country.

Networking and seeing the latest fertility research

ASRM 2021 promises to be an amazing opportunity for our Austin fertility doctors. The event will allow Drs. Silverberg and Propst to learn, network and share their knowledge about reproductive medicine. In fact, this conference offers the following benefits to our physicians.

  • Access to emerging fertility research
  • Networking opportunities
  • Ability to attend postgraduate courses and earn continuing education credits

According to Dr. Silverberg, “As reproductive endocrinologists, we look forward to attending ASRM every year. It allows us to gain new insights and information that we can implement in our practice to help patients. It’s also an opportunity for us to share our experience and best practices with our colleagues from around the country and the world.”

All TFC physicians will benefit from ASRM 2021

Although only two of our Austin fertility doctors will be attending the conference this year, all our physicians will benefit from it.

“Dr. Propst and I will share all the information and resources that we collect from ASRM 2021 with our colleagues back at Texas Fertility Center,” Dr. Silverberg explains. “When one physician from our practice attends, it’s like everyone did.”

If you have questions about the other ways our team stays on top of the latest fertility research or you’d like to schedule an appointment, please contact us. The TFC team is always here to answer your questions and help you on your family-building journey.

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