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Coping With Holiday Infertility

Four simple ways to survive holiday infertility

The holidays can be a very difficult time for couples who are struggling with infertility. Typically, people spend more time during the holidays socializing with others.  These situations can bring up questions about trying to conceive that may make you feel uncomfortable. Seeing other friends and family with their own children can also create stress. For some people, this is the most difficult part of the holiday season.  Determining what you can handle and trying to plan ahead as much as possible can make things easier. 

Strategies to cope with infertility during the holidays

Choose holiday gatherings wisely. You do not have to accept every invitation, so don’t feel guilty about choosing to skip certain events when facing holiday infertility. If being around children or pregnant women in your family is difficult, plan to arrive late or leave early. To give yourself some time alone, think about staying in a hotel instead of with family. Discuss with your partner what situations might make you feel uncomfortable and have a system in place to know when it is time to leave.

Practice dealing with difficult situations and questions. Thinking about how you will handle any difficult situations, including insensitive questions and remarks, will help you have more control.  Practice your answers so that you are comfortable with how to respond. Being prepared will make the subject easier for you to deal with when others bring it up. 

Find support in the community. Attend a support group so that you can spend time with other people dealing with infertility. Talking with them will give you different ideas on how to cope with the holidays as well as help you feel like you are not alone.  Texas Fertility center has a Peer Support Group that meets monthly and is a great resource for those experiencing the challenges of holiday infertility.

Do what’s best for you and your partner. During this time of year, you need to focus on your partner and do the things that you both enjoy. If you decide not to attend the holiday festivities, plan a special trip to a destination you have always wanted to visit.  Focus on each other first and celebrate your love for one another.  Supporting one another during the holidays is critical to maintaining your relationship and surviving this difficult season.

From the staff and physicians at Texas Fertility Center, we wish you a healthy , safe holiday season . We look forward to being a part of your 2012.  Visit Texas Fertility Center to for more information about holiday infertility.

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