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Getting to Know the TFC Team

Meet the TFC team

At Texas Fertility Center we believe it is very important for our patients to feel as though they are part of the TFC family.  We thought it would be a fun idea to get to know the TFC team a little bit better. In order to introduce you to our family, we will be featuring different staff members each week. We’ll b providing fun and interesting facts about them to enable our patients to “get to know” all of us a little bit better.

The Referrals Department is an important part of the TFC team

This week, we will be featuring the lovely ladies of our Referrals Department, Cori and Diana. They work tirelessly to ensure our patients get as much of their treatment authorized and paid for by their insurance.  They stay up to date on current medication prices so that they can save our patients without insurance coverage as much money as possible.  They even will split medication orders between two or three different pharmacies to ensure that our patients get the most cost efficient purchase possible.  They are truly patient advocates on the TFC team, and fight for each  patient.

Meet Diana and Cori

Diana has been with TFC for almost a year.  She is an LA native and is new to Texas.  She loves to meet new people, and is starting to adjust to life here in Texas.  It’s funny because she feels like she has become the person she used to make fun of.  She has four ferrets, and they are her babies.  Also, she has an undying obsession with European Christmas Decorations and anything German.  Her true passion is cooking, especially while enjoying a glass of wine with her girlfriends and giggling over silly things.

Cori has been with the TFC team for almost three years.  She went to culinary school and loves to cook. She enjoys cooking for other people, but most things she will not try.  However, he does not enjoy condiments, cheese, tomatoes, onions, and the list goes on and on. She does not like it when her food touches.  In fact, she has major food aversions and actually entered a study about it. She has a love for big dogs.  Currently her family has a Bernese Mountain dog, Hagrid, a Great Pyrenees, Albus, and a Saint Bernard, Guinness.  She enjoys a glass of red wine to relax and wants to travel around the world.

Stay tuned as we continue to feature different staff members and help you “get to know” us a little bit better. Contact us to learn more about the TFC team.

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