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Men Take Clomid?

Believe it or not, we sometimes recommend that men take Clomid

When a woman takes Clomid, it helps induce ovulation. Clomid for men can help increase testosterone and increase sperm counts. Clomid works by blocking estrogen at the pituitary and the hypothalamus. This tells the body to make more LH hormone because it sees that there is less estrogen circulating in the body. In the male, more LH hormone yields more testosterone. When used, Clomid can help improve sperm counts.

The facts about Clomid for men

Many people think that if the testosterone is low, the male partner should take testosterone supplements to increase the level. However, taking supplements will actually have the opposite effect. When a man takes testosterone, this tells the brain and the pituitary that enough testosterone is being made. Then, the LH level will drop. When this drop occurs, testosterone production will stop. This drastically decreases sperm counts. If you or your partner have decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction or any other symptoms it is always important to have a consultation with your physician.

Getting an evaluation

Your doctor will do preliminary blood tests to determine if the male partner is a candidate for treatment with Clomid. Tests that are usually checked include FSH, LH, Testosterone, and Prolactin, and semen analysis. If you are a candidate, the good news is that Clomid for men is usually inexpensive and tolerated well by the male partner. As with any treatment, it does take time to see if Clomid is going to be a good treatment option. You will usually do follow up labs in four weeks to see if Clomid is an effective treatment option in your case. At that point, your doctor can make further recommendations for your treatment.

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