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Stopping the Clock – How Long Can I Store Frozen Eggs?

Is there a limit to long-term frozen egg storage?

How long-term frozen egg storage works – “How long can I store frozen eggs?”How long can I store frozen eggs? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, you aren’t alone. Women often come to Texas Fertility Center (TFC) wanting to know how they can use long-term frozen egg storage. Our Austin fertility center team wants to put your mind at ease. Research suggests that you can store frozen eggs for as long as you need.

How long-term frozen egg storage works – “How long can I store frozen eggs?”

When you decide to pursue egg freezing, you’ll experience a process that’s like in vitro fertilization (IVF). You’ll take ovarian stimulation medications and undergo an egg retrieval procedure. Immediately after that procedure, the lab team at our Austin fertility center will freeze your eggs for long-term frozen egg storage.

They’ll use a flash-freezing technique called vitrification. It involves dehydrating the eggs and replacing the fluid within them with a special type of “antifreeze.” This prevents damaging ice crystals from forming during the freezing process. Our embryologists then freeze the eggs and store them at a temperature of -196 Celsius.

If you plan to store your eggs for several years, we will ship them to a secure Ovation® Fertility storage facility. There, experienced professionals will carefully monitor them 24/7/365. When you’re ready to use your eggs, the team will remove them from long-term frozen egg storage. They will then ship them back to us.

The research and facts about frozen storage

You should feel confident when freezing your eggs. Our Austin fertility center knows that the research about long-term frozen egg storage shows it’s successful.

Thousands of babies have been born from frozen eggs. Asking yourself, “But how long can I store frozen eggs?” Some of these babies were born from eggs stored for well over a decade. Additionally, studies show there is no increased risk of birth defects or pregnancy complications when using egg freezing.

The biggest factor determining your success with frozen eggs is your age when you freeze them. We find women experience the best results from long-term frozen egg storage when they freeze under the age of 35. However, some women can still achieve pregnancy from eggs frozen later.

If you’d like to explore preserving your fertility with egg freezing, contact us. Our Austin fertility center can walk you through this exciting process.

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