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Making the Grade: How We Choose an Embryo at TFC

Learn about grading embryos at TFC

18161050_scKeep in mind that accredited fertility centers like Texas Fertility Center adhere to strict ethical standards set by our industry. There have been many advanced in the IVF process and grading embryos. As a result, provided us with invaluable breakthroughs for couples who struggle with recurrent miscarriage and infertility.

TFC participates in and leads research into how we choose an embryo. This minimizes risk to the embryo and maximizes our ability to predict reproductive potential. In other words, how likely is the embryo to progress beyond fertilization into a healthy pregnancy?

The evolution of grading embryos

IVF lab professionals used to visually inspect embryos under a high power microscope at the Day 3 cleavage stage or Day 5 blastocyst stage. We used a variety of factors to assign a grade, taking into account cell division, fragmentation and the quality of the inner cell mass (fetus) and trophectoderm (placenta).

Now, we tend to wait until Day 5 when the embryo is further along in development. The ability to safely cryopreserve embryos while we wait for the embryo biopsy results has revolutionized how we can choose embryos to increase IVF success rates.

IVF is extremely rare

Even as someone pursuing infertility treatment, you likely will never have embryos reside outside of your body. Only 1.5 percent of babies born in this country are the result of assisted reproductive technologies, or IVF.

Most infertility will resolve after ovulation induction with or without IUI. Artificial insemination involves introducing washed and prepared sperm directly into the uterus where it will fertilize a waiting egg to form an embryo.

Don’t let comments from fashion designers (#boycottdolceandgabanna) negatively influence your decision to pursue fertility treatment or IVF. We are proud to offer embryo biopsy at Texas Fertility Center. Contact us to learn how DNA mapping and new IVF lab techniques restore hope for couples and singles.

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