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Redefining Your Role in Infertility Awareness Week

Infertility Awareness Week 2015

9189717_scWe are professionals, runners, foodies, book clubbers, Texans, part of a couple or comfortably single. But 1 out of every 8 couples will try and fall short of becoming pregnant. Texas Fertility Center knows that passing through our doors feels like entrance into a club you never wanted to join. So does everyone who acknowledges Infertility Awareness Week 2015.

That’s why we work to deliver positive outcomes. We usher our patients into the next phase of their lives when they are defined as mom or dad.


Infertility makes you feel out of control

It’s difficult to describe the heartbreaking cycle of infertility, but we came across a TEDx BeaconStreet presenter who describes the roller coaster. Camille Preston says that at the beginning, she micromanaged her fertility destiny. She drank wheat grass, had acupuncture (recommended!) and even (unnecessarily) gaveup running, coffee and sugar. The “illusion of control” fell apart after six failed cycles.

Her perspective changed when a friend who had experienced depression redirected her grief. He said that the cloud of darkness of infertility is finite. There will be an end to this season of life. Camille conceived on her eighth try, and has affirmed that her experience was daunting, but helped her live, love and feel to the fullest.

How will you recognize Infertility Awareness Week 2015?

Gravitate toward people who energize you? Be vulnerable enough to post an update on Facebook or Twitter? Contact our representatives in the Texas Legislature about current bills (HB 1145 facilitates embryo adoption)? Infertility Awareness Week falls on April 19-25, and we encourage you to recognize it quietly or in a big way.

Contact us at Texas Fertility Center to learn more about our efforts to advocate for fertility awareness every day, not just during Infertility Awareness Week.

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