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Your Options for Financing Fertility Treatment

Even if you don’t have infertility coverage, you have options for financing fertility treatment

Even if you don’t have infertility coverage, you have options for financing fertility treatmentFew things in life are more confusing than figuring out what your health insurance covers. This is especially true when it comes to fertility care. Texas Fertility Center (TFC) works with patients every day to help them determine what their insurance plan will and will not cover. While most plans cover procedures designed to diagnose infertility, many don’t cover the related treatments. However, there’s no need to worry if you don’t have infertility coverage or your plan doesn’t cover everything you need. Our Austin fertility clinic is here to explain your options for financing fertility treatment.

You might think you don’t have infertility coverage, but you could be wrong

Sometimes, patients come to our Austin fertility clinic believing their insurance plan doesn’t cover reproductive care. However, after our billing specialists look into the matter, some of these patients discover that they have more coverage than they thought. Even if this isn’t the case for you, the TFC team will still work with you to make fertility care more affordable.

There’s a world of options for financing fertility treatment

Whether you need to finance the entire cost of your treatment, or you just need a little help paying for it, our Austin fertility clinic can help you explore your options for financing fertility treatment.

  • Fertility medication discounts. The cost of fertility medications can add up quickly. To help ease this burden, we have a list of medication discount programs. Not only that, the TFC team has the capability to give our cash-pay patients access to preferred pricing for medication.
  • Fertility financing. You don’t have to pay everything directly out of your pocket, thanks to fertility financing. TFC partners with ARC and Prosper Healthcare Lending to offer some of the most-attractive financing options in the country.
  • Discounts for military personnel. Our Austin fertility clinic supports the members of the armed forces by offering a 25% discount to active-duty and retired military with a valid ID.

Another way that TFC makes fertility treatment more affordable is by performing comprehensive diagnostic testing. Doing so allows our doctors to reach an accurate diagnosis and recommend the best treatment plan, reducing the time and number of attempts it takes to conceive.

Our team looks forward to helping you make your dream of parenthood come true. Contact us to schedule a consultation and get started on your journey to welcome a bundle of joy. We’ll be sure to help you understand your options for financing fertility treatment along the way.

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