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What Happens After Egg Retrieval?

The steps after egg retrieval

The days after egg retrieval can be an exciting and stressful time. At Texas Fertility Center, we make sure that we are keeping you informed every step of the way.

The day after the egg retrieval, our embryologists will call you to review your fertilization report. They will let you know how many eggs have fertilized normally and they are available to answer any questions you may have. Your IVF nurse will also call to see how you are feeling and review the medications that you are going to begin the following day. You will also get a tentative time for your day three embryo transfer.

The morning of day three, your IVF nurse will call you to let you know if you will have your transfer or will wait to do the transfer until day five.

Embryo transfer after egg retrieval

Which day you have your transfer is dependent on how much information your physician has the morning of day three. If we know which embryos are the best to transfer, the best place for embryos is the uterus and we will do your transfer on day three. If your embryos all look very similar and we are having difficulty deciding which embryos are the best to transfer, we will continue to let the embryos develop. This enables us to choose the best embryos to transfer on day five.

The embryo transfer is always done during the lunch hour and will happen at St. David’s Fertility Surgery Center, the same place as the egg retrieval. You will be given a Valium not because the transfer hurts, but it is a good smooth muscle relaxer and helps relax you and your uterus.
The transfer itself takes about ten minutes and afterwards you will relax for about thirty minutes or so and then you will go home.

We do ask the day of your transfer that you are on pelvic rest, not bed rest.

If you get up after the transfer, your embryos are not going to fall out.

If you get up to eat or drink and go to the bathroom the day of transfer, your embryos are safe. They are not going to fall out, we just ask you to take it easy that day since and you have had a valium and are unable to drive and go back to work.

After the transfer you will continue your medication regimen and await your pregnancy test. If you have any questions during this time, your IVF nurse is always available to answer any questions.

You will call your nurse after lunch on the day of your pregnancy test to receive the results. We ask you to call us, so that we know you are in a good place to receive the results.

The waiting period can be very difficult and your nurse is available to help you with any support you may need at this time. Visit for answers to any questions you may have. Check out the frequently asked question section too!

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