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Charlie Jane’s Story

Charlie Jane’s Story

We are the proud parents of Charlie Jane, and she makes every day amazing!

Photo Credit: Charlie Jane’s Mom & Dad

We started trying to have a baby in February 2007.  We were both so excited about what the future would hold, but little did we know what we would go through to have our daughter.  After trying for over a year, we were referred to TFC.  Our doctor said if anyone could help us become pregnant, it was Dr. Silverberg!  At this point, in spite of the challenges, we believed that the Lord would give us a baby, and we would be parents someday.  We accepted the fact that this was our journey to get there.

After meeting with Dr. Silverberg, we immediately started an IUI cycle that was unsuccessful.

After testing, we realized we also had male factor infertility issues.  We then started IVF.  Our first and second rounds of IVF were unsuccessful.  It was sad and very difficult, but this was our journey and it belonged to us and only us.  Our third round of IVF was successful!  We had a positive pregnancy test and were able to freeze several embryos!

We were pregnant!

At our 7-week sonogram, we received the news that we had an ectopic pregnancy.  Dr. Silverberg had to remove our baby and the tube the next day.  I knew that the Lord had given us this baby, and it belonged to Him and this was His plan for us.  I was so grateful to Dr. Silverberg because no matter what happened in the future, our dream had come true that we had become pregnant.

We still believed that we were going to have a baby someday, and we wanted to continue trying.

With encouragement from Dr. Silverberg, we completed a fourth round of IVF, which ended up with great news.  We were pregnant!  We had our daughter, Charlie Jane, on July 4, 2012!  She has made our lives complete, and we are blessed because of her.  She looks just like her Daddy, but she can give you some facial expressions that are very much like her Mommy.  We are in love with her!  She is so funny, and we laugh and dance together every day! 

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Photo Credit: Charlie Jane’s Mom & Dad

During our long, amazing, and wonderful journey, Dr. Silverberg always encouraged us that we were doing the right thing.  He believed that we could have a baby and made us believe it also.  It was such a personal experience that I felt like he was more than just our doctor.  He was there for us every step of the way.  We will be forever grateful to him that he helped bring so much joy and happiness into our lives!

Throughout our 5 year journey, there were many sad and emotional times, but there was also so much excitement and hope!  We would do it all over again!  I would tell anyone about to start this process to always follow your heart and always do what you think is right for you.  This process makes you special, and it makes your baby special too.  Have HOPE and always always always BELIEVE that your dream can come true too!

We are so grateful to Dr. Silverberg and TFC for helping make our dream come true.

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