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Dr. Propst’s Patient’s Story

Dr. Propst’s Patient’s Story

Dr. Propst helped my husband and me achieve our dream of having a family.

AP BabyI was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 30 and after I survived surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, I was ready to start a family.

We were new to town, and after speaking with friends and colleagues, were told to schedule an appointment with Dr. Propst, since he was ‘the best.’ We met with him and found him sympathetic to our situation.

After an extensive office visit and complete review of my medical history, he ran a battery of labs and tests. Based on his expertise, he encouraged us to try to get pregnant with the assistance of medication, without assisted reproductive technology such as IVF. Dr. Propst monitored my labs and really thought we had a chance at achieving a pregnancy. He was always approachable and went out of his way to give us test results. We were pregnant 3 months later and now have a healthy 14 month old baby.

A few months ago, I spoke with Dr. Propst again about trying for another baby. Like before, he went out of his way to order labs and let me know that things were still favorable for us to conceive. Dr. Propst encouraged us to try to achieve a pregnancy on our own, which we did.

We are expecting our second child and could not be happier. We are so thankful that we were able to receive care from Dr. Propst. He saved us time, money, and heartache by carefully analyzing my labs and fertility status. Other physicians encouraged us to use assisted reproductive technology due to my medical history, but Dr. Propst’s attention to our specific situation allowed us to receive excellent care and become parents.

As a physician myself, I regularly see patients with infertility issues and would never hesitate to refer any of them to Dr. Propst.

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