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Colton’s Story

Colton’s Story

August 29th of last year I walked into TFC a nervous wreck…

We were about to transfer our final frozen embryo. It was our last chance to give my son Brayden a little brother or sister.


You can imagine how emotional it was to walk back into your office today holding not only the picture of that embryo, but my sweet Colton who became of that embryo.

Dr. Hansard will forever hold a dear place in my heart, as she helped my husband and I complete our family. She was my cheerleader, and encouraged me to have faith in my one last little embryo.

She was my strength when I was at a place where I didn’t have any…

I cannot possibly thank her enough for the gift she has given us. Colton is my sweet little miracle and a day won’t go by that I am not beyond thankful for Dr. Hansard.

This is a quote posted exactly one week before my transfer on your Facebook page and the timing of when you posted it couldn’t have been more appropriate.  I felt like it was speaking to me:

“Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe the one reason why it will”.

Colton - 10 (427x640)My one reason was that last embryo that is now my precious son.

Photos taken by Tracey Brandes Photography

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