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Nadia and Lyric’s Story

Nadia and Lyric’s Story


Nadia's Story
Nadia and LaMeka

 So at the age of 43, I found myself single, but still desiring to have children.

My journey to motherhood started in my mid 30”s. My husband and I always wanted children and had no problem conceiving. But it was the unexplained miscarriages that took the toll. After 4 pregnancies and 4 miscarriages, my marriage did not withstand the weight of the disappointments. So at the age of 43, I found myself single, but still desiring to have children.

I served in the military for over twenty years and I prided myself on meeting challenges head on and never giving up. Therefore, upon return from my third deployment overseas, I decided to research the process of having a child on my own. After 6 cycles of IUI with donor sperm, it was discovered I had a blocked fallopian tube. So to not waste anymore precious time, my doctor recommended me to Texas Fertility Center.

My first visit with Dr. Kaylen Silverberg was one of nervousness and excitement. After several test, I personally was deemed healthy. However, due to my age, my egg quality was declining. I was informed that the best chance of conceiving and carrying a healthy baby to term would be In vitro fertilization (IVF) utilizing an egg donor. I pondered this option because I had never imagined carrying a child that would not have a genetic connection to me. But after much prayer and family support, I decided to go forth with an anonymous egg and sperm donor.

Since I would be doing this alone and IVF was not covered by my insurance, this also meant all the financial burden would be on me. I have to say that I was more than delighted when Dr. Silverberg informed me that because of his love for the military and the sacrifices we make for this county, he would discount his services for my procedure. During the whole process, all the staff members at Texas Fertility Center were kind, helpful and informative.

The IVF process produced 7 embryos. During my 1st fresh transfer cycle, 2 embryos were transferred, but to my dismay, no pregnancy resulted. Although I was disappointed, I knew the only way I would ever have a child would be to never give up.  Therefore, I pressed forward to my 1st frozen transfer cycle. Again, 2 embryos were transferred and this time I received a positive pregnancy test. Also to my surprise both embryos attached and I was pregnant with twins. Unfortunately, the second embryo stopped developing at 9 weeks. The remainder of my pregnancy went smoothly and my daughter Nadia Simone was born July 30, 2012. In 2013, I decided to add to my family and completed another round of IVF and my daughter Lyric Danielle was born May 30, 2014. Because I wanted another family to experience the joy of being parenthood, I donated my remaining 2 embryos to the donor program.

My daughters have been the joy of my life. Everyday when I look at them, I realize that the genetic link does not matter. It was the process of them growing inside of me from just a few cells, birthing them, and nurturing them; which make them so much a part of me. They are growing to me so much like me, not because of genetics, but because of the love and life we share together. The staff of Texas Fertility Center kept me hopeful and inspired. They helped me to bring these blessing to life and for this I thank them.

*****CPT LaMeka ******

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