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Hope Pays Off – Janet and Alan’s Fertility Story

Hope Pays Off – Janet and Alan’s Fertility Story

A long road to pregnancy for Janet and Alan

Hope Pays Off - A long road to pregnancy for Janet and AlanIt wasn’t easy for the couple to become parents. According to Janet, “My husband, Alan, and I were married 14 years before we welcomed our miracle babies. We struggled with infertility for years before seeing a specialist.”

Janet and Alan came to Texas Fertility Center (TFC) after receiving a recommendation from a friend who was seeing Thomas Vaughn MD. The couple called the office to make an appointment.

Dr. Vaughn’s schedule was full at the time, so they scheduled with Kaylen Silverberg MD. “Looking back, I’m so glad that Dr. Silverberg was our doctor because he was perfect for us,” Janet recalls.

Beginning the fertility treatment process at TFC

Janet was nervous about her first appointment, but her worries soon dissipated. “I remember being so scared walking in for the first time. However, very shortly after visiting with Dr. Silverberg and his staff, I felt at ease,” Janet says.

Hope Pays Off - A long road to pregnancy for Janet and AlanAfter reviewing the couple’s medical history and fertility testing, Dr. Silverberg diagnosed them with unexplained infertility. However, he did note that Janet had a tilted uterus. He recommended that the couple move forward with Clomid and intrauterine insemination (IUI).

When the initial treatment didn’t work for Alan and Janet, Dr. Silverberg recommended a different approach – in vitro fertilization (IVF). The first three IVF attempts were unsuccessful, and the couple only had three frozen embryos remaining.

During the last cycle, a miracle happened. According to Janet, “It was a last-ditch effort, but our fourth IVF cycle resulted in two miracles. They started out as frozen embryos and now they’re young women.”

Janet named one of her daughters Riley and the other Kayla, which is a nod to Dr. Kaylen Silverberg. “I imagine there are lots of Kayla’s and Kaylen’s running around thanks to him.”

Gratitude and love for Dr. Silverberg – and advice for hopeful parents

Hope Pays Off - A long road to pregnancy for Janet and AlanThe couple will always be grateful for the help and support of TFC. “Dr. Silverberg will forever be in our hearts,” Janet gushes. “He’s such an amazing guy. He has a lot of patients, but he would take time to call on weekends to check on me.”

Janet also praised TFC for creating a supportive and positive space for women and couples facing infertility. According to Janet, “All my friends were having babies, but I couldn’t. It was very hard, but I’d always feel better when I came to TFC. The office is so positive.”

When asked what advice she would give to other couples who are trying to conceive, Janet recommended not giving up. “There is always hope. There were many days when I called the office crying because I thought I couldn’t do it anymore, but now I have two daughters. If things don’t go the way you hope, my advice is to heal and then do it again if the doctor advises it.”

She also stresses that it’s important to reach out for support, whether it’s emotional or spiritual. Janet’s faith played a pivotal role in getting her through the stresses of infertility. “I was going to church at Shoreline and I asked one of the prayer partners to pray with me. I found out I was pregnant shortly after that.”

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